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Paul Sorvino ‘GoodFellas’ Actor Passes Away At 83!


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The American actor, Paul Sorvino, who has shone in movies as well as in television series has bid his final bye to the world at the age of 83. The US actor who was renowned for his role as NYPD Sergeant Phil Cerreta on the TV series Law & Order was confirmed to have left for the heavens by his family on Monday.

Sorvino’s publicist Roger Neal disclosed that the multi-faceted artist was taken to the Mayo Clinic accompanied by his wife Dee Dee Benkie, who found her husband ill at their Jackonoville flat on Sunday night. Neal said that that morning was cursed as they were all taken by surprise with the heart-aching news of the demise. 

‘GoodFellas’ Actor Paul Sorvino Dies Of Natural Causes On Monday

The Goodfellas actor is the father of Golden Globe Award-winning daughter, Mira Sorvino, who once rose to stardom with her film Mighty Aphrodite, to which she was even honored with an Oscar in the year 1996. Mira wrote on her Twitter that the love and joy she enjoyed from her father was over and that the great Paul Sorvino has passed.

Sorvino’s widow, Dee Dee Benkie took to her Facebook, the news of her true love’s forever partition, stating that she was devastated and heartbroken for the demise of the most wonderful man who had once lived.

Paul Sorvino ‘GoodFellas’ Actor Passes Away At 83!

The Things You See In A Graveyard singer was also famous for his iconic role in Martin Scorcese‘s GoodFellas which was released in 1990, in which the no-more actor was seen alongside Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Lorraine Bracco, and other established actors. 

Paul Sorvino has played a number of incredible roles in massive movies and television series including his policeman role in Law & Order, Henry Kissinger a national security advisor in Nixon, Rotti Largo, an ailing Geneco president in Repo! The Genetic Opera, the Capulet in William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, and many more.

Before the Brooklyn native took the film industry by storm, he initiated his career on Broadway, where he captured many eyeballs with his mesmerizing role in that very championship season. 

The versatile actor had a number of supporting roles in his career where stole the show by perfecting his side of the story. Apart from being a dynamic actor, the legend has also flourished in the areas of Opera and Sculptor. 

One of the major plus points that he had which was unlike the other actors of the time was that he remained in the sight of his fans for a long time consistently in the 80s and coincidently piled projects of success like a heap.

Paul Sorvino Mourn The Demise Of Actor

The mafia man Pauli Cicero attracted many powerful roles throughout his career as his 6 feet 2 inches tall body tempted the movie makers to stand before him for his date to perform such an outsize role, which will be a ten on ten if played by him.

The How To Become A Former Asthmatic author was not confined to a particular field alone, for he has established himself in different industries being a businessman, a singer, a writer, and an actor. Although he was excellent in whatever he majored in, Sorvino was still popular for his mind-blowing acting. It seems like he passed his innate talents to Mira, his daughter before his demise as she was also seen following the footprints of her father. 

When awarded the Oscar, the one person she thanked was her father, for the lessons that she was following throughout her acting career, and said that honoring her was no different from that honoring her father.

For the Orlando Weekly, the multi-faceted actor gave an exclusive interview in which he claimed with pride that he was a painter, a best-selling author, a sculptor, an Opera singer, a poet, but never a gangster. He exposed that many if they were looking up to him thinking that he was either a cop or a gangster, however, Sorvino spilled that he was nothing like that, but had a knack for playing those roles wonderfully. 

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Sorvino had a clear-cut idea of himself as he knew that the original version of Sorvino was not what people were made to see on-screen. In reality, the actor was not a tough guy as he seemed in his movies, and once at a public gathering, on the 25th anniversary of the sensational movie, GoodFellas, he revealed that he often used to elope from the shoot as he could not carry himself as a character of a wicked boss. 

The mass actor further added that when he looked in the mirror and saw the character of himself on his face with a killer gaze, he nearly passed out. 


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