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Patrick Beverley Has A Lot Of Chris Paul Thoughts!!



Patrick Beverley has a lot to say about Chris Paul after the Phoenix Suns got eliminated from the playoffs, and it’s harsh for the Phoenix suns. Beverley said CP3 should have been benched because he had just 10 points with four assists against the Mavs.

Beverley’s Said CP3 Does Not Deserve A Championship More Than Anyone Else

Moreover, he did not make his first field goal until the third quarter. But at that point, the Suns were already down by 40. The Mavericks got a 123-90 blowout of the Suns, and Chirs Paul scored just 10 points.

Patrick Beverley

Pat Bev said that CP3 could not guard and did deserve a championship. On the other hand, Beverley called Paul a cone who cannot guard anyone and, according to him, deserve Ben Simmons’s slander.

And Beverley’s said CP3 does not deserve a championship more than anyone else. The former NBA player Jeremy Lin tweeted in favor of the matter and expressed that Paul deserves to win a championship before he retires. And in this, Beverley has a totally different opinion.

Patrick Beverley Trending On Twitter

After his comments on Chris Paul, Patrick Beverley was trending on Twitter Monday morning. He said that he does not see any other studs besides Devin Booker on the Suns, and it’s insulting Paul, a 12-time all-star. Moreover, Paul totaled just 35 points over the final four games of the series against the Mavericks, which ended with a 33-points defeat in Game 7 on Sunday.

Beverley said he needed to play better, and he didn’t play better; and so it would have been okay to give CP a little slander.

Stephen A. Smith And Patrick Beverley Debate

The defensive ability of Christ Paul can be the primary reason for not being able to guard. This is what Beverley thinks, and he stated this to Stephen A. Smith. Furthermore, Pat Bev continued the slander when debating the playoffs.

Except for Patrick Beverley, no one is happier about Chris Paul’s playoff exit. When Paul’s Suns beat Beverley and the Clippers during last season’s Western Conference finals, Beverley pushed Paul in the back. And in one interview, Beverley later apologized and said that the source of this incident went back to high school.

What Patrick Beverley’s Relationship With Chris Paul

On being asked about his relationship with Chris Paul, Beverley expressed in a recent podcast that people know Chris and love him blindly.

Hence, it would not be possible for them to know and understand what Chris and him have gone through since high school. Many people do not know and understand their backstory. However, he and Chris understood their backstory.

Patrick got an invitation to the LeBron James camp when they were in college. Chris Paul was also present over there. Later on, when he found Christ in the NBA, of course, that energy rolled over to the NBA. So, it felt like destroying Chris in various ways possible.


Patrick Beverley’s hatred for Chris Paul has no end, and it shows in the comments and on Twitter. Moreover, on live tv, Patrick Beverley called Chris Paul a fraud for the culture. After this, several people retweeted and wrote more tweets expressing their opinions on the comments of Patrick Beverley on Chris Paul.

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