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Sasha Banks And Naomi Are Said To Have Been Upset With WWE For Months!!


Naomi and Sasha Banks have been upset with WWE for not acknowledging their efforts for many months. The fact became public when a friend of Naomi revealed it through his Tweets.

Naomi And Sasha Banks Won The Titles In One Of The Matches In WWE

Recently, WWE announced that Boss N’ Glow Connection would host a RAW release on Monday. Immediately, the wrestler’s friend did not miss the chance to announce how upset Naomi was with the action of the WWE authorities.

Sasha Banks And Naomi

Just some time ago, Naomi and Sasha Banks won the titles in one of the matches of WWE. However, they did not receive the invitation to attend the big show of RAW, as promised earlier. Highlighting this point, Naomi’s friend made it a public disclosure on the Twitter handle.

To know all the details about this, you must continue reading the content without a break. Go ahead and see why the two champions are not feeling content with WWE.

Displeasures Of Sasha Banks And Naomi

After winning the championship for five weeks, both Sasha and Naomi were ready again to join the upcoming event organized by Boss N’ Glow Connection.

Moreover, we come to know from the concerned Tweet that on being asked, the authorities initially confirmed that the two wrestlers would be a part of the upcoming event.

But after that, a weird decision made them confused about the intention of WWE authorities. They were told that they had to pin each other to join the concerned event.

After this decision, it was important for them to talk with their boss. But to everyone’s surprise, the producers were ready to reconstitute the said match.

But the biggest question that arose in this context is the title the two players won in the previous match.

The final decision was that before MITB, none of the wrestlers would be able to display the tag titles. They said that the solo titles would now not come into the picture and asked both to wear only the belts without boasting of the winning tag.

Final Confrontation With The Boss

Submitting the titles did not seem to be a favorable decision for both Naomi and Sasha. Hence, they decided to confront the boss once again. However, this time, no one was ready to entertain them.

The boss did not encourage their request. At the same time, one of the producers started screaming and finally left the scene. It was very strange that only these two women were in the central picture. Hence, several queries were cropping up in their heads.

Furthermore, the team members of the WWE asked them to change their attitudes. For the past two months, there were no stories involving the titles which Naomi and Sasha won.


In the end, both of them had a final discussion with the entire team and came to a probable conclusion. Of course, they agreed to fight against each other in the ring.

After this Tweet, the media tried to contact the wrestlers multiple times. But all the efforts were in vain as the two did not open up in this matter. Last Monday, finally, the two popular WWE stars gave up their titles. The controversy is still a hot topic in the headlines.

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