HomenewsSeriesWill Netflix Renew 28 Days Haunted For A Second Season?

Will Netflix Renew 28 Days Haunted For A Second Season?


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Due to the Netflix series “28 Days Haunted,” one of this hamlet’s most legendary historical structures, MADISON, which was built in 1908 and had 2,200 residents, is once again the buzz of the town and, now, the globe.

Will There Be A Season 2 Of 28 Days Haunted On Netflix?

The 104 West Street building has been dedicated to Madison Dry Goods and Country Store for nearly 30 years. Many companies have called Murphy St. in the center of downtown Madison home over the years.

Additionally, the building is linked to the 1929 Lawson family murders, one of the most horrifying mass killings in North Carolina history.

The same year the US entered the Great Depression, Charlie Lawson, a 43-year-old farmer from Stokes County, shot and killed six of his seven children and his wife in Germanton before killing himself.

T.B. Knight Funeral Parlor was located on the upper floor of the Madison, Wisconsin, structure on Murphy Street in 1929, and this is where the deceased, including one with a newborn, were exhumed.

Will There Be A Season 2 Of 28 Days Haunted On Netflix

The Netflix production team supports a paranormal investigation idea made popular by Ed and Lorraine Warren, authors connected to well-known examples of purported hauntings, including the Amityville mansion that served as the model for the novels and films based on “The Amityville Horror.”

According to the Warrens, it takes 28 days to break through the barrier separating this world from the hereafter. Therefore, Netflix show creators requested unrestricted access to the Millers’ building for 28 days.

A Cancellation Or Extension Of 28 Days Haunted Is There?

No formal confirmation in either direction has yet been made as of yet. However, that is very natural, given that Netflix likes to assess the temperature of a show before diagnosing it with anything, and 28 Days Haunted is now contagious.

If things continue, it will quickly climb to the top of Netflix’s Top 10, take over the talk for a few days, and then ensure a smash for Halloween the following year.

Of course, we are discussing the streaming service that ordered the horrible garbage show Haunted for not one or two but three seasons and a spin-off called Haunted: Latin America.

A Cancellation Or Extension Of 28 Days Haunted Is There

The fact that 28 Days Haunted is based on the notions of Ed and Lorraine Warren and that there is a whole movie franchise based on their experiences that is still going strong despite only having created, like, one excellent movie gives it an additional benefit.

You cannot overstate how well-liked those two are, even though even inside the ghost-hunting community, they are regarded as charlatans. Consider that. Take it from us that 28 Days Haunted will be confirmed sooner rather than later for season two.

28 Days Haunted’s second season has yet to be picked up as of the writing of this article. Depending on how well the show does on Netflix and what it is about, that could change. The number of people who initially watch a show and the drop-off rate are two criteria that Netflix evaluates before renewing it.

Some programs swiftly get canceled or renewed. On occasion, Netflix may take months to decide whether to continue a particular show.

Both crowds and critics have so far panned 28 Days Haunted. However, the program is doing a fantastic job, ranking in the top 10 on Netflix in numerous international locations.

What Would The Topic Of 28 Days Haunted Season 2 Be?

Let’s face it, more of those as mentioned above. Although the 28 Days Haunted ending implausibly implies that the 28-day cycle theory has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, it’s always a good idea to display your work. The experiment would be repeated in a second season to collect more data, incorporating different paranormal researchers and well-known haunted places.

It’s the kind of idea that can be recycled practically indefinitely as long as there are places that people believe to be haunted, which, it goes without saying, there always will be. Unfortunately, only Netflix’s first season of 28 Days Haunted is available for streaming.

Twenty-Eight Days Are Needed To Breach The Barrier

Ed and Lorraine Warren are responsible for the entire 28 Days Haunted hypothesis. They thought it would take 28 days of steadfast work to break through the curtain to the spirit world.

Of course, this hypothesis put forth by The Warrens is a good place to start. The son-in-law of Ed and Lorraine Warren is also one of the presenters, which adds another factor.

Specifically, the man has served as Judy Warren’s husband for over three decades and has also made a significant appearance in the Conjuring film series. Especially in the genuinely extremely fantastic movie, Annabelle Comes Home.

Of course, this reality program debuted following the deaths of Lorraine Warren and Ed Warren, which could not have been coincidental.

How Was The First Season Of 28 Days Haunted?

A paranormal reality TV show called 28 Days Haunted follows three teams of paranormal investigators as they investigate some haunted places around America to test the claims of Ed and Lorraine Warren. There are six episodes in the series, and each one lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.

People are constantly reminded of Unsolved: Supernatural on Buzzfeed or Watcher’s Ghost Files when watching paranormal research programs. There is usually something intriguing to discover when you look for evil spirits.

The Ghoul Boys, on the other hand, do a great job of maintaining a healthy balance between skepticism and supernatural belief. However, there needs more fun and games regarding 28 Days Haunted.

As soon as they get to their hidden haunted spots, we immediately cut to very serious-looking professionals trying to determine what produces the visions and weight. The staged and forced nature of 28 Days Haunted is apparent.

People frequently mention having the impression that a spirit is communicating with them, showing them something, or having visions of blood and gore. Sadly, that is insufficient to convince viewers that there is genuinely anything to be terrified of.

According to how the presentation is presented, we are expected to accept these “paranormal specialists” despite the lack of substantial evidence.

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