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Naruto Characters Birthday, Find Out More!


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Naruto, under the creation of Masashi Kishimoto, is always the most interesting among the children and youngsters watching the series.

The characters present in terms of the ninja for the combat will be more interesting and have become trending worldwide.

Birthdays Of Naruto Characters, Check Out More!

The whole series is in a fictional universe, so it is more interesting for the viewers, especially kids, to know the characters of Naruto and their birthdays.

Each and every character will have a unique role which will be unique and also the best one for the kids to know it. In this article, you will find the birthdays of the various Naruto characters.

Birthdays Of Naruto Characters, Check Out More

1. Naruto Uzumaki

This character is the young Ninja and hero of the series and seeks to become the leader of his village. This Naruto’s birthday is on October 10, so at the end of the movie Naruto Shippuden, his age is just seventeen. October 10 is the day when the fourth ninja war comes to an end in Japan.

This means that Naruto Uzumaki spent time-fighting in the war on his seventeen birthday. He joined the team of Kakashi and then built his power and wanted to be that village’s leader.

The dream of becoming the Hokage becomes true as he worked hard for it and used his skills to win the fourth shinobi world war. Thus he is the seventh Hokage for that village, his greatest achievement. 

Naruto Uzumaki

2. Sasuke Uchiha

He is also the same age as Naruto but only three months older. This means that his birthday is on July 23. When you compare the age Sakura, then this character is younger.

Thus when Sakura and Sarada were together at that time, his age was just twenty alone. He became the ninja and joined team 7 on the recommendation of his friend and rival Naruto Uzumaki.

Since Sasuke is not satisfied with his skill, even engaging in good training, he gets depressed and becomes an international criminal.

But after the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War and coming to know that his brother sacrificed his life for him, he becomes the best member of the clan to protect their village. 

Sasuke Uchiha

3. Sakura Haruno

At the time of the telecasted Shippuden series, she was having the age of fifteen alone, and then at the end of the series, her age was seventeen. This character’s birthday is on March 28, which is the wedding day for Naruto and Hinata.

She is also older than Naruto and Sasuke. She is also a member of team 7 and also the head of the medical department. She does not have much skill during the initial stages.

Still, with Sasuke’s proper practice and support, it is becoming more comfortable and achievable for her to defeat the kido Tsumiki.

Sakura Haruno

4. Kakashi Hatake

The character Kakashi Hatake is having their birthday on September 15. This was the time when the fourth shinobi world war occurred. Only after the two years of the war did Naruto and Hinata get married, and so during that time, this person is having the age of 33.

Thus he became the youngest Hokage and also won. He is the shinobi of the clan Konahagakure the ranking. He has the skill of targeting opponents with his purple electricity. He also has the strength to show the chakra, which is a nightmare to the opponents.

Kakashi Hatake

5. Hinata Hyuga

 Hinata Hyuga, who is the wife of Naruto, is having the age of sixteen during the Shippuden series. She then became seventeen, and then after two years, she married Naruto at the age of nineteen. Her birthday lies on December 27. Thus the age of Naruto and Hinata will be the same and will differ in the months alone. 

Hinata Hyuga

6. Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru has their birthday on September 22nd, which means that he is older than Naruto, which is two weeks. Also, it is important to note that the character is nineteen years old during the Shippuden series’ last scene. But when they compare it with the Temari, he is just three years younger.

Shikamaru Nara

7. Gaara

The birthday of the Gaara is January 19th which means that he is at the age of seventeen during the final arc of Naruto Shippuden. Since his birthday is lying in January, it is the reason that he has become twenty in age during the Naruto series final.

This person with the Sakura is a little older, that is, twenty, and the remaining are just nineteen. The look of this character will be older, but actually, he is the younger sibling. 


8 Orochimaru

The birthday of this character is on October 27. Thus after the completion of the Ninja war, his age turned to be 55 after a week. Also, when you know this character’s age during the wedding of Naruto and Hinata, he will be around fifty-seven. This person looks young when compared to his age and appearance. 


9. Sai

In the series of Naruto Shippuden, you will find a new character called the Sai. This character has been portrayed lately in the Shippuden series, but it has become famous among kids and adults.

He is also the replacement for Sasuke, so he just remained a team member with Naruto. Thus throughout the series of the Shippuden, Sai is just seventeen years old. His birthday was on November 25th.


10. Iruka

Iruka is an important character in the life of ht Naruto. He is the best friend, but he then changes to be the dad in acting as per the request of his friend Naruto.

Thus during the wedding ceremony of Naruto and Hinata, this person was just 26 years old. The birthday of the Iruka is May 26, but still, he is remaining acted in the role of dad on request. Thus Naruto felt more comfortable with it.


11. Onoki

He is the grand master of the particle style and also very well strong, proud, and the best individual. He is the successor of the Tsuchikage. The age of the person in part II is 79, and also he is the best person to oppose the attack of Madara’s attempt.

During their teenage, he was the stone monument cleaner, and after that, he became a proud and strong person with his work. This person died during the fourth great ninja war using all his power.

Thus he remained the biggest threat to the opponents in the allied shinobi forces. His birthday is on October 8, and according to that, he is now 80 years old in Boruto. 


12. Ino Yamanaka

This character in the anime and the Naruto series remains a team member of the Shikamaru. She is the best mind transfer jutsu wielder, and also her birthday is on September 23. Thus during the series of the Boruto, it is found that she got married to the Sai.

She is also a member of the Konohagakure’s Yamanaka clan. Now she has become the leader of that clan, and also he is having a child named Inojin.

She is very kind and loyal to her friends and the team members, but when it comes to war then, she becomes more arrogant.

The reason that she goes live over Sai is that she fell in love with Sai while saving him in the Shimaru hidden. Thus the age of the person during the Naruto Gaiden was 32.

Ino Yamanaka

13. Temari Nara

She is the wife of the Shikamaru and also a member of the Konohagakure’s Nara clan. She is the kunoichi, and also, long-range combat is always her favorite one for her.

She is more skilled in combat, and also she defeated the Tayuya, who is a member of the sound four.

During the fight, she easily won without even a single injury in her. During the second part, she got the promotion to the jonin. Her birthday is on august 23, and also her age during the Boruto is around 36. 

Temari Nara

14. Might Guy

He is the high-level Ninja in Naruto, and also he is remaining as the martial arts master, sworn rival of Kakashi Hatake. He learned the ninja through the official shinobi, which made him get the graduation.

He is more fast, strong and the other ninjas, and this is possible for him because of his love for his work.

He has immense abilities like the chakra, master martial arts, and others. Thus when you come to know his birthday, it is lying on the 1st of January. This means that he is just 31 years old during the naruto series. 

Might Guy

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15. Rock Lee

He is also a team guy member and shinobi of the Konohagakure’s Lee clan. Since he did not have that much skill in the ninja, he used the might guy as his mentor. Thus, in the taijutsu, he became the super ninja even though he failed in the ninjutsu and genjutsu.

Rock Lee

He further proved that he was more talented in his skill and became a late bloomer. Thus, he defeated Sasuke Uchiha and became a talented person. He is having his birthday on November 27, and also, he was just seventeen years old during part II. 

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