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Ms. Marvel, The Series’ Finale Marks The MCU End Of The Inhumans


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The Ms. Marvel season finale has set its wings to fly as many of the negotiated for revealing Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) as the very first mutant Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

In the finale of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan says, ‘There is no normal’. In the finale right in the final few minutes of the series, Kamala reflects on her true powers which get revealed to her. 

Is Kamala Khan A Good Character

For months, the final scene was under speculations and rumors. All were focused on Kamala, who gets exposed to Terrigen Mist and then learns in deep about her Inhuman heritage. Everything gets in action during the finale. 

Ms. Marvel, The Series’ Finale Marks The MCU End Of The Inhumans

Ms. Marvel, the Disney+ drama series, was written by Bisha K. Ali and directed by the team, Adil & Bilall. They made substantial modifications to the character’s mythos but still, retain the core of Kamala Khan’s character, who strongly believes, that good is not the thing that you are, and it’s the things you do. 

Marvel Studios decide to make Kamala a mutant in the series, and that in turn makes her future in the MCU, which is still a mystery. At the end of the series, Kamala breaks off all the notions of labels. She seemed to be in a very new Jersey, the superhero. 

San Diego Comic-Con 2019, when packed up, Kevin Feige, the Marvel Studios president, ended up saying that the mutants are on their way. Now it seems that they are here, and the wait is all over.

Kamala Khan stepped into the comic world in 2013. Marvel constantly pushes Inhumans hard to attempt to make them on a higher level, parallel to an X-Men-property. Currently, the interesting part is all about Kamala’s mutant status in the MCU. It looks like the character is a different recognition from her common comic book counterpart. In the comic book, the character is an Inhuman with polymorphic powers. But in the series, they showcase the personality as hard energy constructs.

If Disney was not allowed or denied to hold the rights to the X-Men, then the comics may need to put themselves down. This may result in masking many of the characters on the back seat and reconstructing the Inhumans.

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Theoretically, Inhumans are very identical to X-Men. For the newly created Inhumans, their genetic code was mutated to make them capable of the warrior race. The code was brilliantly mutated by Kree. The powers of the Inhumans are activated by the Terrigen Mists. When Marvel Comics hurled a Terrigen Bomb, thousands of very new super-being popped up during the Infinity event. One among them was Kamala Khan. 

Marvel Television was streaming another Inhumans in Agents of SHIELD and the short-lived Inhumans series, on ABC. Both these series lived exterior of Marvel Studios, and the Inhumans looked and felt very similar to mutants. For them, beating X-Men seems to be a hardship apart from their history and their existence as allegory. 

The Inhumans initiative was all in a short life span and ended in late 2018. This was short, and after Disney gained the 20th Century and acquired permits for the X-Men. In the present Marvel Comics landscape, mutants are all fury once again whereas the majority of the Inhumans are MIA or lifeless. 

Is Ms. Marvel In The MCU

Now, the question is, what does this imply for Kamala Khan in the MCU? Many speculations flooded over the Internet leading her to be an X-man. Though in-depth info is still kept tightly wrapped, her companion groups up with Wolverine. The majority even argues that Kamala Khan stands as the center point of the MCU’s future.

When taking a tour back, Kamala Khan is a descendant of the clandestine. They were beings from an entirely different dimension. When they arrived, the locals believed them to be descendants of Djinn. 

Ms. Marvel, The Series’ Finale Marks The MCU End Of The Inhumans

Kamala uncovered her powers right from the bangle, which was pointed out to be Kree in the origin. 

Other than Kamala Khan, Samina Ahmed, her grandmother, Zenobia Shroff, her mother, and Saagar Shaikh, her brother also belong to descendants of the clandestine. But only Kamala holds the powers with the bangle, which is the result of the mutation she had gone through. 

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The mutation of Kamala Khan allowed her to harness and influence kinetic energy in the comics. The energy Kamala holds is the Ancient One which in turn refers to magic, what her father calls her in the finale. 

Overall, Kamala Khan is a ClanDestine-descended mutant who when got in to interact with Kree tech made her achieve the magic. She is a silly fangirl who once dreamed of acquiring superhero powers, and finally when she gets into the powers. It’s not a matter of just a single thing, but it is surely a convergence of possibilities that can be perfectly traced through the yore of the Marvel multiverse.


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