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X-Men 97 First Look Revealed At Comic-Con, Disney+ Show To Premiere In 2023


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Nearing the third decade of X-Men: The Animated Series, Disney + is coming with Marvel Studios’ X-Men 97, in the fall of 2023. An already announced second part, X-Men 97, is reported to be a sequel to the original X- Men series that debuted in 1992. The Fox Kids Network’s series could bring life to the animated characters in 2000’s first live take with the superheroes due to the previously attained success from the animation that ran till 1997 with no compromise to its pride.

X-Men 97 First Look Revealed At Comic-Con, Disney+

Magneto would be seen in the lead role apart from the other characters including Wolverine, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Cyclops, Storm, Beast, and Rogue.  

On Friday, the Comic-Con made the revelation about X-Men 97, which will probably be responsible for the former version of X- Men, but with an alteration regarding certain updates, mixing it with the expectation of today’s modern generation.

X-Men 97 First Look Revealed At Comic-Con, Disney+ Show To Premiere In 2023

Along with the already mentioned characters, Morph, Bishop, Forge, Cable, Nightcrawler, Mr. Sinister, and Bolivar Trask will share the screen, which is anticipated to bring the utmost entertainment to the viewers.

The Comic-Con crowd premiered with an animation that featured a fight between X- Men Trask with Sentinels. Both shake hands to team with each other to defeat the robot as Beast cuts down the circuitry to take control and also Wolverine slices one of the Sentinels in the face.

It is now reported that the  X-Men 97 ‘s principal writer would be Beau DeMayo, who is famous for The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf released in the year 2021. 

X-Men 97 Disney Plus

In November 2021, certain Marvel shows on Disney + announced upcoming shows, including Marvel Zombies, What If…? Season 2, and Spider-Man: Freshman Year. along with these,  X-Men 97 was also announced. 

The original version of X- Men 97 had a protagonist Professor Charles Xavier and his troop, who stab the bigoted government and extreme Mutants. The series is based on the Marvel Comic Characters and thus was sensational. 

X-Men 97 First Look Revealed At Comic-Con, Disney+ Show To Premiere In 2023

The story covers a cluster of mutant superheroes who constantly pour their blood out for human acceptance in a universe of Marvel Comics. Mutants are people with a genetically endorsed superpower who go to Professor Xavier’s Academy to learn to control their abilities to fit in the world they live in, with normal human beings. Among the mutants, there are positive and negative groups, the negative often use aggressiveness and they usually focus on being superior to others.

X-Men 97 Series

The series picturized the struggle faced by mutants, who are entitled to battle against the antagonists, Apocalypse, Magneto, and the robots, to live in the common society becomes the plot of the animation.

Starting to fight against the hatred, the mutants end up fighting for their very lives. Professor Xavior was one of the only reasons for their sighs as he was the most powerful telepath to guide the team. Each of them had unique powers as Wolverine, who has metal claws, had the ability to heal himself, whereas the team leader Cyclops could shoot the laser beams with his powerful eyes. Jean Grey was one of the telepaths and Rogue, being super powerful, had a unique ability to fly. However, Rogue lacked the capacity to touch any human.

Transformation of the tiniest of things into blasting bombs was one of the talents possessed by the Cajun thief Gambit and Storm had the superpower to control the weather whenever he so wished. Jubilee, the new girl, had a power hidden in her fingertips and Beast had an incredible capacity to move as quickly as possible with a body covered in blue fur. Beast also has another feature, that he was also gifted with superhuman intelligence. Together, the force was termed the X- Men.

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The series had a number of songs, one of which being the extremely famous X-Men theme song, which was written by The Mighty Raw, who is none other than Ronald Aaron Wasserman, who is also known as Aaron Waters. 

The 60-year-old drummer was well renowned for his composition of the original theme song for the whole franchise of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The talented musician presented the completed iconic song, Go Go Power Rangers, within a day after he delivered the first footage of the show.

The Fisher band member before his world recognition through Mighty Morphin co-wrote themes and created scores for the animated series X- Men and its smaller versions. 

The series also had a number of theme songs including Rising and Dakishimetaicc Dare Yori Mo.


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