HomenewsSeriesWhat's Happening In Ms.Marvel's Finale? How Ms. Marvel Finale Sets Up The...

What’s Happening In Ms.Marvel’s Finale? How Ms. Marvel Finale Sets Up The Marvel


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As part of MCU’s phase four, Ms. Marvel started to air on June 8, 2022, and with 6 amazing episodes, the television series bid a bye with its finale episode on July 13, 2022.

Ms. Marvel, with its incredible crew, has taken the audience into different regions that told different stories. The journey began with Iron Man released in 2008, with its antagonist being the terror throughout the season. With the end of Ms. Marvel’s TV show, Kamala Khan’s eye-roll-worthy performance is waiting ahead. Iman Villani has been chosen as the protagonist of the latest Disney+ series, who is a superhero with bright eyes.

Kamala Khan’s Marvel Cinematic Series Reaches Its Conclusion

With the premiere of the finale episode of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan makes a jaw-dropping entry, bringing closure to last week’s romance. Being of Marvel origin, the young Kamala is taking huge steps toward the larger MCU. She will hit the big screen along with Captain Marvel in the movie, The Marvels. Marvel fans are bingeing over the announcement of Brie Larson herself joining the team of the upcoming movie. 

The Kamala Khan comic series and the movie have few noticeable differences, they align together on one thing, as both depict Kamala’s addiction to Captain Marvel. The high schooler even refers to herself as Ms. Marvel as she has the superpower to elongate her limbs.

What's Happening In Ms.Marvel's Finale? How Ms. Marvel Finale Sets Up The Marvel

Though Captain Marvel disappeared in the Avengers: Endgame, her presence shall be experienced through Kamala, who adores Captain. Though the character is not as deep as the character in the comic series, her personality implies that she is a selfless superhero. 

Ms. Marvel’s writers have not so far shared any valuable hint regarding the role of Kamala in the future, however, the mid-credits are pulling hype indicating her potential presence in The Marvels. 

Kamala Khan was seen lighting up with strange energy after the pro ending of the main storyline and Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers appears out of nowhere, surprising both the audience and herself. A number of personal views have been shared by the fans, saying that the sudden look transfer would be part of Kamala’s shape-shifting power and now she can also get the appearance of Captain Marvel, her idol. However, things now look like the teen and Carol have officially switched their place. 

Ms.Marvel’s Isn’t Satisfying The End Of Season

Marvel is continuously watching over what information is leaking and keeping an eye on everything around, and so far, nobody knows how the bigger team of MCU will show up in The Marvel, as the only clues known is that from the Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, and Ms. Marvel

Recalling the occurrence in Captain Marvel, it unfolded the story of Carol Danvers, who was taken to the world of aliens to make use of the extraordinary superpowers she was given, for good. Carol in her following screen appearances in both Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War, was a strong antagonist to Thanos, who single-handedly thwarted him.

However, Kamala, being young and still a superhero, is gaining much appreciation and is looked upon as a savior of the world. With the switching of the bodies, it seems like the opening of The Marvels will deal with the realization and quest of Carol and Kamala for each other. Carol would probably find herself in a random household, but the whereabouts of Kamala still stay out of anticipation as Carol disappeared post the Endgame. 


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