HomenewsSeriesAmerican Horror Stories Premiere Has A Intriguing Connection To Previous AHS Season

American Horror Stories Premiere Has A Intriguing Connection To Previous AHS Season


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The television series, “American Horror Stories” is once again buzzing among the fellows. The American Horror Stories is a spin-off of the award-winning anthology series by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk titled, American Horror Story

American Horror Stories 2022 Release Date

The July 21 release of season 2 of the massively popular American Horror Stories is getting reviews of having a similarity with 1961, Mississippi. The former drama was about an opulent toymaker, Mr. Van Wirth, who is in search of a new mother for his one and only son, Otis. The character of Wirth was neatly presented by Denis O’Hare, who is today renowned for portraying vampire king Russel Edgington in the HBO-owned American drama series, True Blood

American Horror Stories Premiere Includes Intriguing Connection To Previous AHS Season

Initially, the audience viewed the family with sympathy for a motherless child and all. However, while digging deep, it was discovered that Otis’ mother was eliminated not only from the family but also from the universe by tossing her along with her lover to a well, by his father, after catching her sharing her bed with him, red-handedly.

The theme of the story did not revolve around the scandal of Van Wirth’s wife but around his seeking a mother replacement for Otis. What Wirth does was filthy as he randomly kidnaps young ladies and emotionally forces them to take part in a specific so-called pageant that he has arranged as per his personal motives.

The women who are now under the capture of Wirth were supposed to pass his tests, if not the living dolls would have a similar fate as Otis’ real mother. The contestants chosen randomly were taught A to Z of mother chores, from house arrangements to Otis’ personal matters. 

American Horror Stories Premiere Includes Intriguing Connection To Previous AHS Season

Another character in the series was Coby, one of the women in the troop, who died heartedly wishing the best for others, showing them easy to escape by putting her life at the edge. The Birds of Paradise star, Kristine Forseth effortlessly made her Coby character iconic with her un-comparable acting.

She was tried to be assassinated by one of the dolls, after tricking Otis with her magic. Coby was the only woman out there who was actually concerned for the little kid, though she had to use her magic tricks on him. None of the others were paying attention even as much as a mustard seed to Otis. However, everyone among the participants was killed in the woods except Coby, announcing her as the one and only winner of the pageant, revealing her as the new mother to Wirth’s son, Otis.

That would have been a peaceful ending to the psycho series, however, the shutter was not put there. The story made the viewers insane with the final few minutes of the last episode by bringing a twist to out-turn the plot. 

The wrench was nothing else but the entry of a couple of witches who crept into the dollhouse after getting hinted at by Coby’s magical spell.

The conjurers then invade and get inside to free the caged Coby and give the most deserving punishment to Wirth by burning him and his aide alive after ensuring the safety of both Coby and Otis somewhere under a secure roof.

This is the game changer!

The aforementioned somewhere is nothing other than the plot of the American Horror Story. The roof was none other than Miss Robichaux’s Academy of Exceptional Young Ladies. In the new sequel, Otis is said not to expose his surname, for he is living by revealing only Spalding as his middle name. From the very expression, it was clear that Otis was the Jr. O’Hare and that he was related to the Coven character.

Within the released single episode of the anthology series, a brand new character pops up, who gained enough attention with her dialogue that said about her willingness to rule the place someday. The red-haired little girl’s motive or intention is unknown to date.

American Horror Stories 2022 Hulu

The series’ started its premiere on Hulu on July 21 with every fresh episode airing at 12 am, ET. Unlike the previous AHS, the current series would not be made available on cable.


Along with American Horror Stories, Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story and Pose would also leave the streaming platform of Netflix and will find a new spot on the network, Hulu.

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The AHS fans are looking for the upcoming episodes of the thriller series, as the phenomenal strings are always attached to the true stories and events that have occurred over years. None of the plot lines are stuffed in, which heightens the rating of the show. 


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