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Net WorthWho Is Merrick Garland? Net Worth, Wife, Age, Bio

Who Is Merrick Garland? Net Worth, Wife, Age, Bio


Merrick Garland is the Attorney General of the United States, which means he is in charge of the Department of Justice and has been a lawyer, jurist, and judge for most of his professional life. He was nominated by the Obama administration to be a Supreme Court justice, but since Obama’s term was almost over, his nomination was not considered. From 1997 to 2021, Garland was a district judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals. He has been attorney general of the United States since March 2021.

Merrick Garland Net Worth

Merrick Garland is said to be worth about $23 million. Garland remained as a district judge in Washington, DC, while many of Biden’s current cabinet members left their government jobs while President Trump was in office. According to an article in Forbes magazine, Merrick Garland and his wife acquired their wealth through inheritances.

Who Is Merrick Garland? Net Worth, Wife, Age, Bio

Some of the money Garland inherited was tied to real estate and other assets. He also had retirement money that had accumulated over time. He worked as a lawyer for a while, and the money he earned from that is also part of his net worth. Garland is one of the richest people in Joe Biden’s cabinet.

Merrick Garland Wife

In September 1987, Garland married Lynn Rosenman, who was previously known as Rosenman. They were married in Manhattan, New York City, at the Harvard Club.

Rosenman herself had ties to politics and law. Her grandpa served as a justice of the New York Supreme Court. He was also a special advisor to both Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman.

Rosenman attended Harvard University herself, earning a Master of Science degree. Lynn Garland now works with both government and nonprofit groups to ensure the security of voting systems.
Merrick and Lynn Garland have two daughters. Their names are Jessica and Rebecca.

Jessica was hired as a law clerk in 2020 by Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. That was before President Joe Biden put her father in charge of the U.S. Department of Justice. However, because her father is the U.S. Attorney General, Jessica will not serve as a law clerk to Justice Kagan while he is in office. In 2019, Jessica earned her law degree from Yale School of Law.

NameMerrick Garland
Age69 years Old
Net Worth$23 million
WifeLynn Rosenman
Birth PlaceIllinois, Chicago
Height5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Zodiac SignScorpio

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Merrick Garland Political Party

Garland served on the U.S. Court of Appeals for 24 years. He was nominated by President Clinton in 1997, and the Senate confirmed him by a large majority of both parties. Before President Obama picked him for the Supreme Court in 2016, both Republicans and Democrats had him on their lists.
Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court was delayed by Republican political posturing, but lawmakers on both sides of the aisle respect him as a smart legal scholar. This will help restore the Justice Department’s reputation as a bipartisan organization.

Merrick Garland Career

Merrick Garland was appointed Assistant Attorney General for the District of Columbia in 1989. Garland was a frontline prosecutor. He brought public corruption and drug trafficking cases to trial. He was one of the attorneys who handled the Marion Barry case, which began when the former mayor was caught with cocaine.

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Garland was a Clinton appointee in 1993. He worked in the part of the U.S. Department of Justice that dealt with criminal cases. Garland’s boss, Jamie Gorelick, asked Garland to become her deputy attorney general at the time.

Garland served in that capacity when the Oklahoma City bombing and the “Unabomber” case (the Ted Kaczynski case) were brought to trial. Garland also investigated the Olympic Games bombings in Atlanta, Georgia.

Between 1997 and 2021, Garland served as a circuit court judge.

Merric Garland Education

Garland attended Harvard University and studied social sciences. Garland’s first plan for his education was to study medicine and become a doctor. However, he changed his mind and decided to become a lawyer instead. Garland attended Harvard and worked during the summer as a volunteer speechwriter for Congressman Abner J. Mikva. Circuit Court, Mikva asked Garland for advice on whom to choose as a speaker for him. Garland wrote for the Harvard Crimson and worked as a tutor at Quincy House while in college. Garland graduated from Harvard

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