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BiographyIs Maggie Smith Still Alive? Net Worth, Movies, Biography,...

Is Maggie Smith Still Alive? Net Worth, Movies, Biography, News, Age


Maggie Smith has been in hundreds of productions and received awards throughout her seven-decade performing career.

She Has Appeared In 81 Feature-Length Films Throughout The Last Ten Years

Jennifer Smith has established herself as one of the most illustrious British actors of all time.

Maggie Smith

Only a handful of actresses have been awarded the prestigious Triple Crown of the Acting award. Smith is one of those people.

Is Maggie Smith Still Alive?

A New Era, the next Downton Abbey film, is now being shot with her participation. A Downton Abbey movie part was the furthest thing from Smith’s thoughts when he was approached for the role.

She was concerned that the Dowager Countess’s character would be too old for the film. 

Maggie’s request to the British Film Institute that the film begins with the burial of the countess, which she was adamant about, was accepted by the organization.

She’s got the right tone for it. She would begin with the physical body. 

The countess hinted at the possibility of Maggie not returning for a sequel when she agreed to star in it at the end of the film.

She said, “I may not have long to live,” when Lady Mary questioned the reason for the countess’s journey to London. 

There’s a decent chance it won’t be too quick, but you shouldn’t expect a London doctor to be precise in his diagnosis.

The countess will appear in A New Era, which means that the doctor in London must have received good news from the countess.

According to the film’s creator Julian Fellowes, Violet Crawley’s final act, in an interview with Empire, could be her last film appearance. 

He added, Violet appears to be on her way out, but that hasn’t happened yet, according to you. The premiere of Downton Abbey: A New Era will take place before the release of A Boy Called Christmas, starring Maggie Smith. 


Full NameMaggie Smith
Date of birthDecember 28, 1934
Net Worth$5.5 billion

Maggie Smith Net Worth:

In May 2022, Maggie Smith’s projected net worth was $20 million, and it is expected to increase in the future.

Over several decades, she has earned a comfortable life by performing in films and television series worldwide. According to estimates, the movie based on the Harry Potter series has grossed an estimated $5.5 billion worldwide.

Maggie Smith Age:

She was born on December 28th, 1934. Maggie Smith is 87 years old as of May 6th, 2022. Actress Maggie Smith is widely considered one of the most accomplished performers in the industry’s history.

She has been nominated for more than 200 honors and distinctions.

Maggie Smith Movies

Magdalena Smith has made a total of 81 film appearances throughout her career. With Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, she made her feature film debut (2002, as Minerva McGonagall).

She has appeared in 81 feature-length films throughout the last ten years. She was the character she portrayed in this film.


Margaret Natalie Maggie Smith DBE is a well-known British actress who was awarded the Order of the British Empire.

According to IMDB, Smith has starred in more than 50 films and is one of the most well-known actresses in the United Kingdom today.

Maggie Smith Personal Life

Her first spouse was Robert Stephens, a well-known English actor. They were married in 1967 and divorced in 1974 or 1975, depending on who you ask.

They had two children together. Toby Stephens, an actor and director, was born in 1969, and Chris Larkin, also an actor, was born in 1967 to Maggie and Robert Larkin in New York City.

Maggie Smith’s second husband was Beverley Cross, a playwright, and screenwriter who was Maggie Smith’s first husband. When Beverley and John tied the knot in 1975, they remained together until she died in 1998, at 68.


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