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Madlyn Ballatori Was Not Pregnant In the Ultimatum Shoot, Here’s the Timeline of the Entire Events


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Fans have been doing the math to figure out Madlyn Ballatori’s pregnancy schedule since the news of her pregnancy broke. Naturally, this has sparked a lot of speculation, with some even saying Madlyn was pregnant during the filming of The Ultimatum. 

See What Are Entire Events That Took Place In The Ultimatum Shoot?

Finally, the celebrity has put the rumors to rest. In a talk with E! News, she clarified that she was not pregnant at the time of filming. She became pregnant three months after the filming was completed.

After tiring of fan curiosity, the actress even disclosed the precise date of her wedding! Madlyn was born in August, following the conclusion of The Ultimatum.

By revealing her actual wedding date to hubby Colby Kissinger, the Netflix celebrity answered fans’ timeline questions.

Madlyn Ballatori Was Not Pregnant In the Ultimatum Shoot

According to Madlyn, filming for The Ultimatum began in March 2021 and concluded in May. In the season’s finale, the couple married. 5.13.2021, to be precise. The cast would not reunite until February 2022 for the reunion.

In The Ultimatum, Madlyn and Colby’s love was put to the test when they were assigned to a three-week trial marriage with someone else. While Colby spent his three weeks with April Marie, Madlyn hooked up with co-star Randall Griffin.

In the season one finale, the couple married after reconnecting. Ballatori announced the news on Instagram shortly after the reunion. She wrote her husband, Colby, a lovely note.

She even felt that Colby is the best gift of her life of all time. Colby, her partner, did the same on his Instagram. Madlyn is seven months pregnant.

One Twitter handler gambled. Madlyn had been living with Randall for a month prior to the fateful day. She spent the final three weeks of the show drunkenly berating Colby, whom she later married. Why did she marry Colby in the first place? “

An alternative person chimed in, “Alright, attend to myself out. The ultimatum finale was 6 months ago, so if Madlyn is 7 months pregnant, she got pregnant in week 2 of their trial marriage with Randall. Was it possible for them to see their original partners? “


When fans questioned the couple about seeing other individuals when they were expecting, they received a lot of backlashes. However, as it turns out, they were not.

Ballatori dated Randall Griffin, who was formerly with Shanique, on the show. Both of them worked well together, thus the fact that they didn’t end up together astonished the public. On the other hand, Colby teamed up with April Marie.

April joined Jake Cunningham, a fan favorite, on the show. However, their conflicts caused them to separate.

The reality dating program is another social experiment from the same people who brought you Love is Blind. It puts couples’ relationships to the test to see whether they can last long enough to walk down the aisle or if they will break up for good.

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