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SeriesThe Endgame Season 1 Episode 8 Recap "All That...

The Endgame Season 1 Episode 8 Recap “All That Glitters”, See More


Episode 7 was not only scary and exciting, but it also gave us a glimpse into the future of the story, completely upsetting the series’ usual predictable pattern.

A Review Of Endgame Season 1 Episode 8 “All That Glitters”

Although the episode picks up where the previous one left off, there are glimpses of someone in the forests outside of Fort Totten. They used an EMP device to turn off all of the lights in the building. 

The Endgame Season 1 Episode 8 Recap All That Glitters, See More

Recap of The Endgame Season 1 Episode 7

Before we get into The Endgame Season 1 Episode 8, let’s take a look back at the last episode. Peekskill is in fright in Episode 7 as a fire goes out in the B side, prompting inmates to leave.

Owen and Sergey were suspicious when the small mouse they poisoned joined up with a renowned flame last week. 

And now that all of the convicts are in one place, things aren’t getting any better. Elena, Rogelio, and Val as well as Owen and Sergey, may be in grave danger. 

The person organizing the attacks on Fort Totten is carefully concealing his identity. He’s a ruthless former CIA operative.

He moves with extraordinary speed and dexterity, slicing through the little crew like butter through butter.

Worse, he was well-known in other nations for his dangerous, filthy work, which means he has a decent chance of murdering Elena or anyone else who stands in his way. 

The show’s ability to produce some unexpected partnerships is one of its most interesting qualities. Due to a faulty lock, both of the jailed Snow White commanders are able to escape their imprisonment and were rooting for Louie as he confronted The Ghost. 

When one of the commanders gets injured, Rogelio rises to the occasion and utilizes his talents as a Marine warrant officer to help. Despite Val’s lack of confidence in the other ladies, Val and Elena get along swimmingly.

Despite the fact that the episode is largely about the attack on Fort Totten and the weird events at Peekskill, Doak and Flowers play an important role in it. Anthony is investigating a strange letter about a potato that was delivered to Elena.

When he attempts to interpret it with Val, he realizes something is wrong because the EMP knocked out not just the Fort’s electricity but also all other forms of communication, including mobile phones. 

In this episode’s dramatic fight scenes, the rat riles up the hostages in order to launch an attempt on Sergey’s life. They are able to halt The Ghost’s rampage with some luck and the use of a landmine at the right time. 

Season 1 Episode 8 of “The Endgame” has a release date and a preview

On April 18, 2022, NBC will broadcast The Endgame: Season 1 Episode 8. “All That Glitters” is the title of the episode, which was produced by Lauren Petzke and scripted by Aadrita Mukerji. Every Monday, NBC broadcasts the latest episode of “The Endgame.” 

The season finale, however, will be episode 8, bringing “The Endgame” to an end. There is currently no word on whether the programme will be revived for season two.

Elena’s latest target will provide some information about her ultimate ambition in the season finale.

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