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Macy Gray Blasted For Making ‘transphobic’ Remark On Piers Morgan Show


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Macy Gray is getting a lot of criticism for saying things on Piers Morgan Uncensored that were “transphobic.” One fan said they were “so disappointed” in the singer.

On Monday night, the singer of “I Try” went on the TalkTV show, and the talk turned to the transgender community and how it is portrayed in the media.

Macy Gray Blasted For Making ‘transphobic’ Remark

On the same day that Hocus Pocus star Bette Midler was criticized for her opinion on how to use the word “women” (she said that women are being “stripped of our rights over our bodies, our lives, and even our name”), a group of women called for a boycott of the word “woman.”

Macy Gray Blasted For Making ‘transphobic’ Remark On Piers Morgan Show

Morgan, who is 57 years old, told Gray, who is 54 years old, “We live in a time when most public figures are too afraid to even say what they think a woman is.”

‘I know!’ Before Macy Gray answered, the host asked her to explain what a woman is.

I’d say a person with breasts. You must begin there. She replied, “And a vagina!” and then said, “That’s getting confusing.”

Morgan brought up the debate about trans people competing in sports. He said that while he “supports all-trans rights to fairness and equality,” which Gray agreed with, he doesn’t support trans women “thrashing the women at their sport” when they are “born to obviously superior bodies.”

Then Gray said, “I completely agree. And I’ll say this, and everyone will hate me for it: if you’re a woman, changing your body parts doesn’t make you a woman, sorry.’

‘Right. Do you think that? As the singer went on, Morgan asked, “How do you know that for sure?” Like, if you want me to call you “her,” I will because that’s what you want. But just because I call you “her” and you had surgery doesn’t make you a woman.’

The artist stressed that, in her opinion, “women have completely different experiences than men, and having surgery or finding yourself doesn’t change that.”

“But it’s true,” she said in response. “And I don’t think you should be called transphobic just because you don’t like, you know… people are judged and criticized a lot for just saying what they think.’

Gray has gotten some support for what she said, but she has also gotten a lot of criticism, and many people have told her how upset they are about what she said

“Macy Gray being a jerk wasn’t on my bingo card, f**king yikes? Vis women are so embarrassing that you might as well not care at all. Are my parts the only thing that makes me a woman? So that’s all we can do?’ Someone sent out a tweet.

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