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Lizzo Shades Since Liam Payne Just Said What He Did About One Direction


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The new song “Polaroid ” by Lizzo is his response to what One Direction dissension Liam Payne had to say. It’s just a song. That’s all it is.” In another statement, she said, “I thought it humorous that he claims we’re false and then makes songs about how fake we are.” Everyone lies.”

The Singer hasn’t Been Coy About Her Admiration For One Direction

The singer refused Payne’s assertion that fans don’t like One Direction, who said that the fans “don’t even know our names.” The singer hasn’t been coy about her admiration for one direction.

Lizzo Shades Since Liam Payne Just Said What He Did About One Direction

Pop music may say the same: “You simply enjoy their music.” Liam made these remarks after it was reported that he and Harry Styles were spotted partying together in Los Angeles during the previous weekend. According to TMZ, they were spotted leaving a nightclub together at about 2:30 in the morning. At a popular hangout in Los Angeles on Saturday night, the three were photographed together with Hailey Baldwin, who is now dating Justin Bieber.

In Reply To Liam Payne, Lizzo Shades Said

The singer known for her hit song “Juice” shared a video of herself dancing on Twitter on June 24 with the caption “I’m going to shake this booty like an old McDonald’s shake.” She was wearing a leotard and thigh-high boots throughout the performance. In addition to that, she said, “Y’all want to see my chubby behind?”

In his reply, Payne responded, “Yes, please.” After that, Lizzo informed him that his remark was inappropriate since she had asked him if he wanted to see her “big ass,” but he misunderstood her question and believed she was asking if he wanted a milkshake from McDonald’s instead. The singer of “Gobsmacked” took to Twitter to respond to the recent interview that one of the former members of the boy band gave to The Sun. In the interview, the former member of the boy band stated that One Direction was “not a boy band” and that they were only called that because of how they looked.

Regarding The Band One Direction

Lizzo is at it again, aiming at Liam Payne of One Direction for the controversial statements he made regarding the band’s hiatus.

In a series of tweets, the singer behind “Juice” called out Payne for claiming in an interview with PopBuzz that his relationship with Harry Styles was “strained.” Payne had made this statement.

The conflict began when Payne tweeted about the album cover for “Just A Boy,” a parody single from the first album by Parody Project Band, which is also self-titled. The CD includes a song called “Just A Boy,” which is a spoof of a well-known tune. For this project, albums have been created with titles like “Please Be Nice to Me: The Jonas Brothers Are Breaking Up” and “I’m Sorry I’m Not Sorry: Justin Bieber Is Sorry He’s Not Sorry.”



Lizzo has had enough of Liam Payne and wants no more of him. The singer posted an image on Twitter taken from an article in which a member of One Direction said that he disapproved of a fan-created album cover for Harry Styles that included a black lady. After she complimented Payne’s braids, he urged her to “Get off Twitter, buddy.” She did as he instructed.


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