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Maestro’s First Look!! Leonard Bernstein Plays The Role Of Bradley Cooper!


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Bradley Cooper, the filmmaker of “A Star Is Born,” which went on to win an Academy Award for Best Picture, is back in the director’s chair with “Maestro,” a biographical drama for Netflix. On Monday, Netflix published a few photographs taken on the film’s set, which included Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan in supporting roles.  

Bradley Cooper Stated That Production On “Maestro”

The images depict Bernstein at various ages, with Cooper appearing in some of them as an older version of Bernstein, thanks to his superb makeup work.

Leonard Bernstein

When asked earlier this year by Variety, Bradley Cooper stated that production on “Maestro” would begin this month. The earliest that the movie will be made available to the public is 2023. Steven Spielberg had planned to create a biographical drama on Leonard Bernstein, and he wanted Bradley Cooper to play the lead role in the project. 

Even Spielberg was unsuccessful in convincing Cooper to embark on another acting role for him at the time because the actor had just finished filming “A Star Is Born.”

As a conductor who has always wanted to write and direct movies, Steven Spielberg asked if he would mind if you looked into the material and determined whether or not he was capable of completing the task. What are your thoughts?'” Cooper mentioned it. 

When it comes to Steven, he will give his full attention to just one thing while putting the others on hold. In my perspective, he had no intention of rushing through the movie’s production at any point.

“The voice has undergone a significant amount of improvement work. Someone so dedicated to producing something personal to him has my utmost adoration, and my heart is full to capacity with it. I do not have enough positive things to say about Carey Mulligan. As a result of his first film as a director, “A Star Is Born,” which earned $436 million worldwide, Bradley Cooper’s film was nominated for eight Academy Awards, including best picture.

Bradley Cooper doesn’t even recognize himself when he walks onto the set of his newest movie, “Maestro.” In this fictionalized account of Bernstein’s life, Bradley Cooper portrays the illustrious composer, and Carey Mulligan takes on the role of Bernstein’s wife, Felicia Montealegre. 

Bernstein was 72 years old when the pioneering modern Broadway musical “West Side Story” debuted at the Winter Garden Theater in New York City in 1957. To this day, Bernstein is best recognized as the composer of “West Side Story,” which is considered the first modern Broadway musical.

Bernstein shifted his professional focus frequently, which resulted in a legacy that includes symphonic orchestra music, ballets, cinema and television compositions, and several Broadway shows. Although he was widely regarded as a young piano prodigy in his native Massachusetts, Bernstein changed his professional focus frequently. 


On Monday, Netflix published photographs that Bradley Cooper had taken on the set of the film “Maestro.”  Bernstein was recreated by the 47-year-old Oscar-nominated actor and filmmaker as a handsome young conductor at the New York Philharmonic, with exquisite hair and makeup work.


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