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Neighbours Spoiler: Hendrix and Mackenzie’s wedding Ceremony Final Result


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Next Monday, UK television will broadcast the wedding of Mackenzie Hargreaves and Hendrix Greyson, according to Neighbour.

In the midst of an emotional journey through Sydney, Hendrix proposed to Mackenzie, and he knew then that their relationship was the most important thing in his life.

Neighbours Drama Revealed Hendrix And Mackenzie’s Wedding

Mackenzie had originally envisioned a long-term relationship. When she appeared on Channel 5’s show, her plans had shifted. To hasten their union, Hendrix and Mackenzie enlist the help of everyone close to them in order to tie the knot at the eleventh hour.

The couple, despite the stress and last-minute difficulties, is resolute in their desire to make their relationship work. They are excited about the future and look forward to it.

Neighbours  Spoiler Hendrix and Mackenzie's wedding Ceremony Final Result

Neighbours: The week before the wedding, Hendrix’s original location fell through. Pierce and Grant’s problems threaten to scupper their opportunity to learn new things. Despite the setback, Hendrix and Mackenzie were able to pull off a fairy-tale wedding. Lisa Hendrix, Jimi’s mother, and Sister Alana attended. There were also Grant and Pierce in the room.

Their guests were mesmerized by the first dance between Hendrix and Mackenzie at the reception. Mackenzie was joined by Grant in the father-daughter dance. Pierce and Grant both regret their mishaps during the wedding preparations.

Storyline Of Neighbours

The elderly, shy man got through the ceremony without any problems and later apologized at reception. Chloe Brennan and Kirant hosted a “comfort month” party for Hendrix and Mackenzie the following day.

As a wedding gift, Pierce gave the couple a fully-funded apartment. Hendrix had the best possible start in life because of this. Channel 5 (UK) will air this scene on Monday, June 6, Tuesday, June 7, and Wednesday, June 8 at 1:45 and 6 p.m., respectively, and on Tuesday, June 28 and Wednesday, June 29, at 10 p.m. (Australia).

Kier and Freya (Phoebe Roberts) are there, as are the newcomers to Ramsay Street (Gemma Bird Matheson and Phoebe Roberts). Additionally, there’s Harlow (Gemma Donovan). Harlow, her best friend, and an ex-boyfriend is no longer a part of her life. To be at Hendrix’s wedding is an honor for Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne).

As a result of Pierce’s departure, Hendrix has been a tremendous help to No. 28 since then. They aided him in his first steps toward financial independence.

In 1999, an endowment grant of $2.3 million established the Mackenzie Investments Charitable Foundation. Donations are managed by the Mackenzie Group Foundation, a non-profit organization run by the company’s employees. Clients and employees of Mackenzie Investments make donations to the Foundation.


Established in 1967, Mackenzie Investments is Canada’s largest asset management firm by assets under management. Individuals and organizations can turn to Mackenzie Investments for help with their financial decisions.

Mackenzie Investments oversees $201.1 million in assets and works with a wide range of third-party financial advisors to provide its products and services.

All the businesses that makeup Mackenzie Investments fall under the umbrella of Mackenzie Investments. IGM Financial, Canada’s largest financial service provider in terms of assets, has approximately $262 billion in total assets under management.


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