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‘Sister Wives’ Star Leon Brown Announces Herself  As Transgender


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Leon Brown, the only child of Kody and Meri Brown, finally revealed that she is transgender. Leon, 26, unwrapped her personality in public on Tuesday, by sharing the news via Instagram. And now exclusively using the name Leon Brown with they/them pronouns. Leon was formerly known as Mariah Brown and is one of the 18 children Kody shares with four wives. 

Leon Brown Shared The News Through Her Instagram Post And Says She Let Her Come Out With Her True Self

In the heartwarming Instagram post, she shared that now feeling happy to be in her favorite self with the world. She added someone recently told her that she didn’t have to stay in the worst figure anymore and this made Leon come out with her true self this soon. She showcased the new her by tearing out the whole body mask she wore all these years. She felt really free by letting the world know that she is trans. 

Right after unwrapping her identity to the whole world, she even shared that she still remembers the first time that she knew she wasn’t a girl. At that time, she was too young and was born and brought up by a family that was incredibly restrictive and gendered. So, this made her hide her real face, and she socialized as a girl and later on as a woman.

‘Sister Wives’ Star Leon Brown Announces Herself  As Transgender

After being mentally and physically ready to share her favorite self with the world, she said that the right time had arrived, and she showed it up.

She even stressed the feeling of being in hard times to act like a girl!

Leon shared a black and white snap of them in black shorts and a white-colored t-shirt standing on the knees over the bed. The caption totally reflected Leon’s happiness in being a free bird now. 

Kody, Leon’s father has not yet marked any response to the announcement made on Instagram. The recent reports show that both Kody and Leon are not following each other on any social media platforms. Meri Brown, the mother of trans showed her response by reposting Leon’s post by keeping it on her Instagram story. The mom captioned the highlighted the snap by mentioning Leon as her sunshine. 

Leon said, “It’s really heartwarming for me to know that my loving mom supports me just like she does always”. 

Leon said to the folks that, if anyone who do not use her correct name or pronouns, no need to speak to or about her. Leon even showcased by saying, that the name is Leo or Leon and the pronouns to use are they or them. 

Fans of Leon and other celebs came forward showing their strong support for relieving her identity. They said that the decision Leon took was totally right.


Overall, Leon seemed to be really happy by accepting what she is by Meri. The whole heart support from mom and fans gave a beautiful end to her struggles. 


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