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Kim Richards Reveals Why She’s No Longer Friends With Brandi Glanville


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The long-time friendship of Kim Richards, 57, and Brandi Glanville, 49, adjourned following a picture scam shaming Kim. On Wednesday, Kim explained the scenario behind the friends’ split saying that she popped a stitch in her massive surgery when she was filming with Brandi. The Nanny fame reportedly asked for the help of Brandi to check whether her intuition was right or not. While the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip alum was looking for the stitch, Kim’s blood was already running cold. 

Kim Richards Says Brandi Glanville Is No Longer Her Friend

To show what was happening down there on Kim’s stitch, Brandy clicked a picture of the busted stitch and showed it to Kim. The story was pitch-perfect until then but, when the host of Brandi Glanville Unfiltered posted the same snap on her social media, her tone slightly appeared to change.

Kim Richards Reveals Why She's No Longer Friends With Brandi Glanville

The Escape to Witch Mountain star allegedly told the media that she felt bad for her friend posting such a nasty picture featuring herself. Not only that, Kim further said that  Brandi did not even respond to her when she asked her to remove the picture from her account.

Kim Richards stated that at first, she thought that things were okay as Brandi Glanville must have accidentally posted it until she realized that her long-time friend did the action on purpose when she seemed to not delete the aforesaid picture. 

On Wednesday’s private discussion with the Professor fame, she revealed that Brandi directly told her that there was nothing sort of harm in a silly picture when she phoned the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum, with which Kim confirmed that sharing her photos regarding the failed surgery, was not a mere mistake, but was committed with proper intention. 

Needless to say, the only way left for the actress to slip away from the scandal was to reprimand the photos claiming that they were not at all taken and posted.


Following the revelation of the first party, the second party, who is Brandi, stepped forward in explaining her side, making a confrontation on Thursday. The “Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders” author, elucidated the times in which she happened to be helpful to her friend by acting loyal. 

Their followers are baffled when Brandi swore to say that she has not taken the so-called picture ever and asked Kim to share the same if there existed any. Brandi pointed out the fact that she had podcasted Brandi after the aforementioned incident and that Kim was also driven to the emergency during Covid, by Brandi herself. The tweet began with Brandi still saying, “ I love you” mentioning her pal, Kim Richards. 

A year back In August 2021, Brandi had cited the heated fight between the duo that occurred in January 2021, following which the friends had not greeted each other. The ex-model of the magazine, Elite Model Management, on Bravo’s Chat Room opened up about the hot-tub argument between the BFFs, where she revealed that she herself had no idea about what happened between them and she corrected it saying that she knew but was not ready to talk about it. 

Moreover, Brandi said that Kim was one of her best friends and she will remain to be the best again when they sit and talk about the issue once. Their friendship brutally ended when Kim called Brandi a slug pig in the second season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

A couple of years ago, Brandi penned about her unbreakable bond with Kim, starting with an “ I love you” note, which said that through every thick and thin, the duo will be inseparable. 

Brandi stressed the point saying that she will be with her friend Kim in every good and bad and for the ugliness, they will have each other’s shoulders to rely on. 

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It is ironic that they are in a passionate argument after displaying such vows in public. 

Brandi’s fans have now shown up in support of her, claiming that the star can be anything, but not a liar, at any cost, referring to the recollections made by Kim as something wrong. 

Brandi gained popularity and fame through her cameo appearances in the Bravo reality series’ second season, titled the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, showing up as a friend to the housewives. The icon was also present on the reunion episode of the same. In the following third season of the reality series, Brandi shook hands in agreement with Yolanda Hadid, in appearing as a co-host. 


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