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Richard Kay On Megan’s Eye-popping New Biography


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Richard Kay has voiced about the Duch Sussex’s new biography, about which the then actress has mentioned by hinting at the upcoming variations of recollection. 

The aromatic appearance of the former actress, Meghan Markle, wearing a black hooded dress looked like she was plucked straight out of a TV commercial, for the Duchess was in reality set ahead in search of her own history in Malta and the stunning costume was a necessity there. 

The Aromatic Appearance Of The Former Actress, Meghan Markle

According to the Sussex Duchess, Fitting in a piece of the puzzle was something lovely. Thus she was paying major attention to each and every turn she took in her life, including her brief visit to the Mediterranean island, which was still a turning point when it comes to Meghan’s life. The Duchess had already mentioned earlier that her goal behind the trip was to find her identity. 

Richard Kay On Megan's Eye-popping New Biography

Tom Bowyer’s new biography of Meghan Markle, covers 80 people to whom the Duchess had an acquaintance and thus many of her claims have been turned down by the book, with evidence.

Initially, people used to tell her that if she visits Malta, then she will come in contact with many who will look like herself and when Meghan actually visited the place, she realized that in reality, she was blending in, which amazed her.

There was a tale that the Duchess used to hear in her childhood from her grandmother about her great great great grandmother Mary marrying the grandson of the Queen when she was in Malta. The wrench was that Windsor Castle first saw Mary as its cook at first and then as its queen. However, the writer Tom Bowyer had denied admitting that his subject Meghan has ancestry in Malta, although Thomas Bird married her foremother Mary, in Dublin in 1980 and has no evidence of his employment in Windsor Castle. 


In contrast to the aforesaid tale, Bowyer explained that Bird, the soldier, was appointed in India, from where he was transferred to Malta with his wife. After a couple of years, the then couple was blessed with a baby boy, with whom they flew away to Canada, where Bird breathed his last.

Bowyer elucidates that Thomas Markle, Meghan’s father, would not believe that his mother would have told him about an imaginary connection with Malta. 

Ever since the demise of Princess Diana, the monarchy was not questioned until the famous marriage of Meghan to Prince Haris. However, generally, Meghan is said to have over-elaborated their family matters more than any other members of her family, but for Bowyer, not only Meghan but each of the characters are his subject of study.

Richard Kay On Megan's Eye-popping New Biography

In fact, Bowyer has revealed many facts about the roots of the family that was under a veil for a long time. The investigative writer has grabbed the attention of Markle, who was so caring towards his family citing one of the incidents that happ[ened when Meghan was only 10.

He said that during the arrest of an African-American motorist, Rodney King, who was charged with intoxicated driving, the four white policemen started beating him which Megan supposedly witnessed. The incident gained much attention in the country and the people began to protest in large mobs. 

Being overprotective of the family, Markle took his daughter, Meghan, who was a child then, and drove to Palm Springs and stayed there until the heat of the case was over. On cooling down, the caring dad returned to Los Angeles with his angel. According to the gained reports, the father had protected his daughter from being exposed to any kind of riots.

At the time, Markle was divorced from Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, yet he was reported to have asked his ex-wife whether she was willing to join the father-daughter duo, which she declined.

Meghan Markle Instagram


However, Meghan’s words completely tried to contradict Bowyer’s findings, stating that she clearly remembered the whole incident even after 20 long years as such memories won’t fade that easily. She further insisted that while she was returning back home, the curfew was not over and the streets were filled with smoke and she had also seen people running out of various buildings carrying huge bags.  

The Duchess until the revelation of the history by Bowyer had claimed how she still remembers her seeing men in trucks holding big-big rifles. 

In one f the recent interviews with Vanity Fair, Meghan explained about that time when she mistook the smoke from the street fires as snow, considering her innocent age of ten, when her mother, Doria corrected and asked her to get inside the home, whereas according to the Bowyer’s depiction, Meghan had not at all came into contact with her mother at the time of the dispute.

He further added that even Markles looked dubious when he heard his daughter’s side of the same story.

Meghan seems to have been completely exposed by the biography author as he even proclaimed that a bevy of fashion photographers was taken along with her to her charity trip to Rwanda, from where she purportedly changed multiple outfits to look appealing in the pictures.

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Another twist in the Meghan Markle tale was revealed in the way she expressed her thoughts on the Heart Family doll set. 

According to her, today she introduced the doll set as a Christmas present from her father, which contained a white father doll, a black mother doll, and two children, one of each color, she mentioned that her father had personally brought sets separately and customized according to her family structure. 


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