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Kelly Rowland Reacts To Viral Video Of Sesame Street Puppet Ignoring Black Girls


Sesame Place is being criticized right after a character acknowledged white children and badly omitted two little black girls. America will never be out from racism, and the recent incident reveals the same. It continues to destroy the future of children there too. An outraged mother recently called out Sesame Place as her own two black daughters were awfully shunned by a character. This all happened during the character parade that took place in Sesame Place Philadephia.

Kelly Rowland Slammed At The Theme Park For Ignoring The Black Girls

Against this shaming incident, most good figure celebrities came forward and slammed the theme park. Kelly Rowland, the American singer, actress, songwriter, and television personality strongly reacted against this incident.

The mother of two black girls calls out Sesame Place after she noticed one character intentionally ignored her two kids during a parade. The video hit the internet in no time, and many showed their support for the black mother. The majority even stood against racism, which is still a matter of fact that is considered by Americans.

Kelly Rowland Reacts To Viral Video Of Sesame Street Puppet Ignoring Black Girls

The video captured by the mother, clearly shows that Rosita, the character, nears the white girls and consciously ignores the black girls who stood near their mother. The black girls were prepared for having a high-five with the character, but Rosita just waved her hand and avoided getting in contact with the girls.

The mom claimed that Rosita neglected her children and had a happy high-five with a white girl nearby.

The mom then got hot, and she right away posted it on social media platforms. The mom said, “the disgusting character showed a big no to my kids by waving her hands and then moved to hug a little white girl”. She even added that everything she said was clearly captured in the video.

The mom added, “My girls got completely disappointed, and I don’t know how to console my little ones”. The outraged mother, after the incident, rushed to one of the members of management to complain about the incident but failed. 

Social Media Stood Against The Management

Kelly Rowland, the highly talented icon, reacted deeply to the viral video shared by the mother who was calling out Sesame Place for being racist. The actress showed her strong dispute against the same.

Kelly, 41, expressed her feelings about the incident by sharing a video of her, sharing the words from her heart on her Instagram account. The actress posted the video as an Instagram story on her private account. Kelly reacted by saying that if she was in the place of that mom of two black girls, the whole parade would be on fire, and the whole team should answer for her queries for such a shaming”.

The social media users equally stood against the management of the parade. Later, the mother of two girls shared a screenshot of the direct message she received from a member of the Sesame Place management team via Instagram. For this post, the audience reactions were very bad, and everyone mentioned the team’s embarrassing movements with disgrace. 


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