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Kate Bosworth Files For Divorce After Long Years Relation With Michael Polish


Catherine Anne Bosworth, renowned by her name Kate Bosworth, recently filed for divorce after nine long years of married life with Michael Polish. The American actress and model officially got split up from Michael. The current reports show that the actress, 39, filed for divorce in Los Angeles court, last Friday.

Kate Bosworth Tied The knot With Michael In 2013, And Long Years Together Finally Comes End

It’s almost a year since Kate announced the fact of their separation. Kate said that the decision was taken by them together and is moving for a mutual divorce. The couple called this decision ‘quits’, and the really amazing point is their divorce after long nine years of togetherness. 

The years together they spent seemed to be filled with love, happiness, and laughter. The real reason behind what suddenly hit the couple is still a mystery. The fans of the couple and the common audience, equally find it hard to accept the news, and they are still in shock.

Kate Bosworth Files For Divorce After Long Years Relation With Michael Polish

Late in August 2021, kate Bosworth shared a black and white photo of them where it shows the kissing couple. In the snap, a happy couple seemed, and their love life was highlighted. The actress captioned the pic in a very attractive way. She highlighted their then time that the beginning of their love was the best part that ever happened to her. 

The words she used to express her feelings clearly referred to their honeymoon phase. In the photo, she seemed to be struggling to hide her happy face and was blushing.

Though the real reason for their split up was kept unwrapped in public, kate stepped forward with certain hints about what was going on in their life and what really happened.

She said that both were in fear about the relationship may end up soon. They have got each other, and it’s all that they wanted. They were expecting much and were happening for the best to happen in their life. But more than everything, even instead of fear, they focused on loving unconditionally. Still, it’s unclear to both, what had happened.

Why Kate Bosworth And Michael Polish Are Getting Separated

The couple started dating late in 2011, and Michael Polish was the director of “Big Sur” in which kate starred. Soon they got engaged in August 2012, and after a year they got happily married. After years the “Blue Crush” star took herself into main headings that she moved with Justin Long, her fellow actor. 

Later, Justin, the ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ actor revealed that he was dating someone and the news spread in 2021, December. He then revealed the name of his love, and it was none other than Kate Bosworth.

Now, it’s clear why Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish are getting separated. The love for Justin,44, was hinted at by Kate in May 2021 and she even gushed over Long in an interview.

Kate recently wrote and posted on Instagram by tagging Long for the first time. The epithets she opened up about the actor were impressive. 


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