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Katie Maloney Finally Left The Home She Shared With Ex-Tom Schwartz!!



The well-known American Rower Katie Maloney is finally saying her one last goodbye to the house she used to share with her ex Tom Schwartz. She recently shared a post on her Instagram page with a very emotional caption. In the photo, she can be seen sitting on the floor in an empty room. In the caption, she tried to express her sad feeling while letting go of a memorable piece of her relationship with Tom Schwartz.

Katie Maloney Bids Farewell To The Home She Shared With Her Ex Tom Schwartz!!!

She wrote in the caption, “I hate goodbyes. And this one hurts a lot. The emotions and words are hard to grasp. Closing this chapter on my life feels like attending my own funeral” she further wrote, “But I’m very much alive”, continuing the caption she said, “Thank you house for being the coziest brightest home, for the memories, for being my sanctuary, for letting me dress you up like a hallmark movie set at Christmas and for being OURS. I’m going to miss coming home.”

Katie Maloney Finally Left The Home She Shared With Ex-Tom Schwartz

In this sad post, she also tagged Tom Schwartz who was her partner for the 12 years of her life. On their respective Instagram accounts, the couple announced their split and just a week later Katie Maloney filed for Divorce in the Los Angeles Superior Court. This year on March 18 Katie Maloney made it clear in her Podcast that she and her partner are living together even after deciding to bring an end to their relationship. She also said, “We’re just trying to navigate these steps together, and, you know, really work on becoming friends,”

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An update in this scene came on June 4 when Katie Maloney shared her plans to move out on her Instagram story. In her Instagram story, Katie Wrote, “In case you’re wondering…I just live amongst a sea of boxes,” she wrote on Instagram along with a photo of her sitting by a stack of boxes. “Moving in 2 days.” In the month of May, she spoke about ending her 12 years of marriage and starting a new life. She said, “The minute I made that choice the thing I was scared of the most became like a gift — became an opportunity for the opportunity and I was no longer scared of it.”

It seemed that Katie had mixed emotions while making this statement. She told that she was sad as well as heartbroken. In all these circumstances she believed in the voice of her inner self and she walked out of this relationship. She further also shared that she wasn’t trying to get a new boyfriend but she is all ready to mingle up with a new partner in her life. She now likes to go out, flirting with new people. She also said that she went on a date. Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney were dating each other since 2010, married in the year 2018 and now they are setting their ways apart.

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