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EntertainmentnewsK pop - Blackpink's New "Pink Venom" Music Video...

K pop – Blackpink’s New “Pink Venom” Music Video Released!


‘BLACKPINK,’ an all-girl K-pop group, released their first single in nearly two years, ‘Pink Venom,’ earlier on Friday.

The official music video for the hip-hop song “Pink Venom,” which is their first solo song since “Lovesick Girls” came out in 2020, debuted on YouTube a few hours ago and has been getting more than a million views an hour ever since.

Blackpink’s New “Pink Venom”!

In the music video for “Pink Venom,” Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé show off their power by singing and dancing in a way that is mesmerizing. The new song by the four-girl group BLACKPINK has catchy instrumentals, which are a trademark of all of their songs.

K pop - Blackpink's New Pink Venom Music Video Released!

Before going on a nine-month world tour later this year to promote their second Korean-language studio album, “Born Pink,” the K-pop group decided to give their fans a treat by releasing the album’s first single, “Pink Venom,” next month.

More than 130 million people have already watched the teaser for the hip-hop song’s music video. The song is the first single from the group’s new album, which will come out next month.

Since their first show in South Korea in 2016, the group has become a worldwide sensation. They have worked with Lady Gaga, Cardi B, and Dua Lipa, among others.

Jennie, the lead singer of the band, talked to the media about the song. She said, “Since it’s our comeback after a long time, we wanted to show who we are. So we put the words “Pink” and “Venom” together, which are opposites that will help you remember us.

Before “Pink Venom” and its music video came out, the group held an online press conference to talk about new music and their long-awaited return. The singers said that “Pink Venom” best shows who the group is.

We got to see the girls in a whole new light. Gone are the days when their girl crush concept made a million hearts skip a beat. Fans have loved that this Blackpink is bold and means business ever since the girls announced this concept for their comeback.

The fun doesn’t end here, though, because their full-length album Born Pink will be out in September. Until then, BLINKS can listen to the single that was just released and play it over and over again.

Meanwhile, Blackpink is on its way to making history by being the first K-Pop girl group to perform at the MTV VMAs, which will happen in 2022.

Some of their songs, like “Kill This Love,” have more than a billion views on YouTube, but the members of the group have been putting out more solo albums lately.

“Since this is our first performance in a long time, we wanted to show who we are. So we put the words “Pink” and “Venom” together, which are opposites and will help you remember us,” Jennie said at a press event.

The band’s management company, YG Entertainment, said that the music video for the song, which features traditional Korean instruments, was the most expensive one it had ever made.

“Instead of trying to break records, we really worked on the new song so that our fans and audiences will love it… “We’d be really happy if we could break records, though,” Rose said.

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