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Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin Denies Drug Use After Video Of Her At A Party


Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin Minister has denied taking drugs after a video of her singing, dancing, and drinking at a party surfaced on the Internet. The 36-year-old Sanna Marin was filmed a few weeks ago as about 20 people, including television presenters, an MP, a celebrity stylist, and an influencer attended an event that allegedly began in two apartments and continued in two bars.

Finland Prime Minister Denies Drug Use After Video Of Her

In the clips, unidentified partygoers could be heard talking about “flour,” a Finland slang word for cocaine.
Marin said the clips were “private videos” not intended for public consumption, but insisted she had done nothing wrong at the event and that she had “nothing to hide or cover-up.” In response to the leak, she said, “I didn’t do drugs or anything other than alcohol.”

Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin Denies Drug Use After Video Of Her At A party

When asked if there should be a police investigation, she replied, “I still don’t know if anything illegal happened. The police probably wouldn’t need to get involved.

“I’ve been dancing, singing, and going to parties, which is all legal. And I’ve never been in a situation where other people were using drugs or where I knew they were.”

On the day of the party, the prime minister’s security team was in the area, but Sanna Marin said they did not go into the apartments themselves.

She said, “When we went to the bar, I sang, danced, hugged my friends, and drank alcohol.”

Marin said she was still friends with her friends despite the leak and that she didn’t see anyone else at the party using drugs.

Karoliina Tuominen, a radio host who was at the party with Sanna Marin, also denied that anyone had used drugs, saying there was nothing “strange” about a “good group” of adults having a good time.

Marin will now be asked to voluntarily submit to a drug test. Mikko Karna, a Center Party deputy, said that after seeing the videos, “half of Finland” believes the prime minister is on drugs.

However, Sanna Marin said she has a family life and a work life that are separate, and she has “free time that she spends with [her] friends,” like “many people” her age.

“I’m going to be exactly the same person I’ve always been, and I hope that’s OK,” she said.

The prime minister has been in office since December 2019, and her party, the Social Democratic Party, continues to back her.

Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin Denies Drug Use After Video Of Her At A party

Rishi Sunak, who is running for British prime minister, is expected to promise to drug test politicians if elected.

The former chancellor recently commented on his views on illegal drugs, saying he would not allow anyone to take them for fun.

According to The National, Sunak said this while campaigning for the Tory party leadership in Darlington, England: “Drugs are awful.

“They have nothing to do with leisure. I have never taken them, and anyone who takes them will get a very hard time from me.”

After his harsh words, Sunak was accused of supporting the war on drugs.

On social media, many people did not like what he said. For example, one person wrote: “I find it fascinating that the difference between “recreational” drugs and prescribed drugs is completely set by society.”

“It has nothing to do with the drug itself. The only difference is that one is surrounded by a professional bureaucracy and the other is not.”

Some legislators even brought up drug use in the House, suggesting that Mr. Sunak should drug test his colleagues.

One person said, “It’s very brave to say this when cocaine has been found in 11 locations on Parliament grounds that can only be accessed with a Parliament ID.”

Another person wrote, “Well, let’s start drug testing MPs and see how that goes.”

The Sunday Times reported last year that small amounts of cocaine were found in 11 of Parliament’s 12 toilets, including one near Boris Johnson’s office.

A source who works near Westminster told the newspaper that there is a strong “cocaine culture” in Parliament.

“They think they can’t get hurt because their friends protect them in their bubble. It’s shocking and sad at the same time. “Many of them need help,” the source said.

According to BBC News, House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle said after the Ans.

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