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Johnny Depp Files To Appeal $2 Million Verdict In Amber Heard’s Favor From Defamation Countersuit


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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are not yet done fighting. Lately this week, on July 21st, the Aquaman actress filed an appeal against her ex-husband Johnny, nearly after two months she was ordered to pay him a defamation lawsuit. The actor was awarded $10 million as per the defamation lawsuit that he filed against the Aquaman actress. Also, Amber was awarded $2 million by a Virginia jury for the countersuit filed by her against Johnny. Right after the actress filed a notice of appeal on July 21st, hoping to overturn the judgment against her, Johnny has also come up with an appeal on July 22nd. 

The Actor Was Awarded $10 Million As Per The Defamation Lawsuit

Amber was awarded the $2 million verdict from one of the three counterclaims that she filed against him. The actress claimed that she was defamed by her ex-husband through comments that were posted by his attorney Adam Waldman earlier in 2020. While going through the above-said comments, the jury verified that the claim was true and that the comments indeed defamed the actress. With the new appeal by the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, we can say that he is not yet done fighting with his ex in court.

Johnny Depp Files To Appeal $2 Million Verdict In Amber Heard’s Favor From Defamation Countersuit

He opted for this legal action in hopes of appealing the decision and overturning the $2 million verdict awarded to Heard during their defamation trial.        

As per Johnny’s representatives, the action taken by them is an overwhelmingly positive verdict for the actor. They are sure that the verdict is valid and even stated that Johnny believes that the time has come for both parties to stop fighting each other and move on with their own lives. He wanted them both to get healed from all these issues, but since Ms. Heard is not willing to do so and is strongly determined to move on with further litigation by appealing a verdict, he will also do the same. The reps talked about the actor’s decision on filing a concurrent appeal to make sure that the full record and every applicable legal issue are evaluated by the Court of Appeal.   

While Johnny’s reps are responsive and have clear views about their decision, Amber’s team is keeping up the silence and is not replying to any comments. 


The Johnny Depp – Amber Heard defamation trial has been sensational news all around the world. The trial handled by the Virginia Jury lasted for more than six weeks and the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s victory over Amber Heard was celebrated by many. 

The jury concluded that the London Fields actress was fully responsible for defaming her ex-husband Depp. The jury even awarded the actor $10 million as compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damage.

Later, the punitive damage was reduced to $350,000 by Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge Penney Azcarate. It was the state’s statutory legal limit and thus his total damages were changed from $15 million to $10.4 million.    

Along with this, the jury even awarded the Aquaman actress $2 million as compensatory damages as per Heard’s countersuit. Even after this, Ms. Heard and her lawyers had filed an appeal to judgment in the defamation case against her. As per the latest reports, Heard’s spokesperson stated that they believe the court has made errors that prevented a just and fair judgment compatible with the First Amendment.

Johnny Depp Files To Appeal $2 Million Verdict In Amber Heard’s Favor From Defamation Countersuit

They even added that they are appealing a verdict hoping for a fair verdict. Also said that they are very much aware that the filing could ignite the Twitter bonfires thus they required further measures to ensure both fairness and justice. 

Meanwhile, Depp’s legal team who filed an appeal later this Friday is so confident with their case and they are sure that the verdict will stand. 

Must Read:

After the much-anticipated climax of the six-week-long defamation trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the actress attended an interview in which she took a look back on the trial. She even admitted that she still has a love for her ex-husband which almost fired up the actor’s fans.

She said that the trial was a difficult experience for her in the interview. And opened up that every single day throughout the trial period, she had passed three, four, and sometimes six city blocks with people who would line up with signs reading, ‘Burn the witch. Death to Amber.’ This had taken her to emotional trauma and she even said that after three and a half weeks of the trial, she was only able to see a courtroom packed full of Captain Jack Sparrow fans. They seemed very energetic and vocal throughout the trial period. 

Amber said that those were many humiliating and horrible days of her life and it made her feel removed from her own humanity and made her feel less humane.  


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