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What Is Jodie Turner-Smith Net Worth? Early Life, Career!


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On September 7, 1986, Jodie Turner-Smith, a famous British actress and model, was born in Peterborough. Jodie Turner-Smith is from the United Kingdom.

Jodie Turner-Smith Net Worth, Personal Life, Awards!

It was just by chance that Jodie Turner-Smith and the singer Pharrell Williams were put in touch with one another; familiar friends were the ones who made the introduction. The future actress had first informed Williams that she aspired to be a writer. Still, after receiving his recommendation to go to Los Angeles and test her mettle as a model, she decided to pursue modeling instead.

The fact that Turner-Smith has garnered more than 500,000 followers on Instagram is evidence of the broad recognition she has received online. She started in supporting roles in Hollywood films and eventually earned star billing for herself.

Jodie Turner-Smith Net Worth, Personal Life, Awards

Jodie Turner-Smith Net Worth

Jodie Turner-Smith is said to have acquired a net worth of around $500,000 throughout her successful professional career.

Jodie Turner-Smith Net Worth

Jodie Turner-Smith Early Life 

She began her life in a humble home in a residential area in Gaithersburg, Maryland, but then moved on to attend the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned a degree in Finance.

In 2008, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and immediately after that, she found work in the banking industry. 

Since 2009, she has made her home in Los Angeles, where she has lived for the last decade. At 23, Jodie Turner-Smith uprooted her life and came to Los Angeles. Because Jodie prefers to keep her personal and work life distinct from one another, she has not given any interviews in which she discusses her childhood or early life.

Jodie Turner-Smith Career

In 2013, Jodie Turner-Smith made her acting debut in “True Blood” as a siren. The TV program was based on the concept of a waitress who has psychic talents. As a result, she was cast in several supporting roles in music videos.

As Azima Kandie on “The Last Ship,” Jodie Turner-Smith landed a significant part for the first time the same year. The program is set in a dystopian future when the majority of the population has perished due to a deadly virus, and the remaining members of an unspoiled spaceship must figure out a way to save themselves.

This British beauty has also guest-starred in an episode of “Nightflyers,” a show created by Netflix. The fictional series follows a group of explorers on an interplanetary spaceship.

The actress from California portrays Melantha Jhirl in the show. The Cinemax series “Jett” cast the “True Blood” star in the role of Josie. The protagonist is a talented thief who, despite obstacles, is determined to reform her ways.

One of the most incredible performances of Jodie Turner-career Smith may be seen in the 2019 film “Queen And Slim,” in which she plays the title role.

A female lawyer known only as “Queen” fights to win a complex case on television. The actress eventually landed the role of Queen Anne Boleyn in the TV show based on her life.

The three-part documentary focused on Anne Boleyn’s last days in court. The series reviewers agreed that she had one of her best performances ever.

Jodie Turner-Smith Personal Life/Relationships

Jodie Turner-Smith is the daughter of Hilda Smith and Eron Smith, born in Peterborough, England. Hilda Smith and Eron Smith, Hilda’s husband, were born and raised in Jamaica. Jodie is the only one of her siblings who was not born in Jamaica; instead, she was born in England. 

The rest of her siblings were all born in Jamaica. Toni Gasson-Smith and Brandon Antonino Giovanni Smith are her brothers and sisters.

She moved to the United States with her mother and siblings after her parent’s divorce, Eron and Hilda Smith, which occurred while she was still a little child. She had spent her early years in England with her parents.

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Jodie Turner-Smith Awards And Honors

For the 2019 FDA Female Focus Awards, Jodie Turner-Smith is a finalist for the Best Breakthrough Performance Award. She also has an Outstanding Actress, Motion Picture nomination at the 2020 Black Reel Awards.

Jodie was a Best Actress-International Competition Award nominee at the 2021 CinEuphoria Film Festival. The 2022 Image Awards also recognized her for her performance in “Queen And Slim,” for which she was nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture.

She and Daniel Kaluuya were nominated for Best Screen Couple at the 2019 WFCC Awards, and in 2022, she won the Festival Honors Award for Brit to Watch.

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