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Jill Biden’s Remark About “Breakfast Tacos” Was Not A Flub!


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Jill Biden’s statements in Texas equating Latinos to “breakfast tacos” are the latest example of the Biden administration’s callous remarks regarding minorities. On Monday, First Lady Jill Biden visited one of America’s most populated Hispanic areas to warn Latinos that we are only known for our breakfast tacos and bodegas.

Jill Biden’s ‘Breakfast Tacos’ Remark Was Not A Gaffe. It Was Deliberate, And It Will Drive Latinos To The GOP

Mrs. Biden’s aggressive and insulting remarks on Hispanic diversity in San Antonio, Texas, were not an oversight. It’s another example of the Biden administration’s callous, aggressive, and destructive attacks on minorities in America.

Jill Biden's Remark About Breakfast Tacos Was Not A Flub!

Biden has apologized for statements she made in a speech to the civil rights and advocacy group UnidosUS in which she compared the diversity of Latino Americans to breakfast tacos.

On Monday, the first lady remarked that the variety of their community is as distinct as the bodegas of the Bronx, as lovely as the flowers of Miami, and as different as San Antonio’s breakfast tacos.

In response to the comment and her mispronunciation of “bodegas,” the National Association of Hispanic Journalists stated, “We are not tacos.” As Latinos, we are formed by numerous diasporas, cultures, and cuisine traditions. Do not cast us as stereotypes.”

All public speeches prepared for the president and first lady are thoroughly reviewed and scrutinized by the White House.

Yet, according to Biden’s defenders in the left-wing media, the words Jill read from a Teleprompter “didn’t come out right.” Let’s clear the air: Jill’s scripted speech was out of touch, condescending, and demeaning to Hispanics. The issue is more complex than her statements.

It all starts with her speaking at the LatinX incluXion luncheon. Even though the great majority of Hispanics oppose the term “LatinX,” Democrats continue to impose their linguistic dogma on the Hispanic community. What will happen next? What is LatinX Hispanic Heritage Month?

“The first lady apologizes that her remarks portrayed anything less than true affection and compassion for the Latino community,” said Biden’s press secretary, Michael LaRosa.

Republicans, on the other hand, were ready to grab on to the statements. Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, tweeted: “Breakfast tacos? This is why Texas Hispanics are abandoning the Democratic Party.”

Mayra Flores, a hard-right Republican, won a special election last month in the 34th Texas congressional district, which extends from east San Antonio to the Mexican border.

Flores seized on both the first lady’s statement and reports of further economic headwinds for the Biden administration on Wednesday stating that US inflation climbed up to 9.1 percent over the past year; early surveys show more breakfast tacos are going to Republicans.

According to a recent poll, around 30% more Latino voters identify as Democratic than Republican. However, in 2020, Latino people overwhelmingly voted Republican in locations like the Rio Grande Valley, where Joe Biden received a lower number of votes than Democrats did in 2016.

Republicans have shown rising strength and even won indicating that a fast-growing Latino population does not always imply greater support for Democratic candidates.

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