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Riley Keough And Lisa Marie Presley Pay An Emotional Tribute!


Riley Keough and Lisa Marie Presley pay an emotional tribute to the late Benjamin Keough with a photo and a note on Instagram to mark his second death anniversary. 

Riley Keough And Lisa Marie Presley Pay An Emotional Tribute To The Late Benjamin Keough

Benjamin’s mother, Lisa posted a photo of a warm memory of Benjamin on her Instagram profile on Tuesday and explained the meaning behind their matching tattoos. She captioned that several years ago, on mother’s day, Benjamin and she got matching tattoos on their feet.

Riley Keough And Lisa Marie Presley Pay An Emotional Tribute!

The tattoo was a Celtic eternity knot which symbolizes their connection and eternal relation. The tattoo was carefully selected by them to display their eternal love and eternal bond. 

Benjamin’s sister, Riley also posted a lovely photo of her and Benjamin from her wedding back in 2015, with a caption. She wrote that not even an hour goes by when she does not think of him and misses him. It has been two years today since he left but still found it hard to believe that Benjamin is not here anymore. 

Benjamin Keough died by suicide on July 3, 2020, at the age of 27. He shot himself with a gun in July at his home in Calabasas, California, and died on the spot, as per the reports. 

He was laid to rest alongside his grandfather, Elvis Presley, and several other family members at Graceland, three months after his death. 

Out of pure sibling love, Riley got a tattoo of Benjamin’s name on her collarbone in memory of his death. 

Benjamin Keough was famous for his resemblance to his grandfather, Elvis Presley who was a legendary musician. Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, married Danny Keough and had two children together. Benjamin and Riley are their children. 

Presley married again in 2006 to guitarist Michael Lockwood but later divorced in 2016. They share twin daughters- Harper and Finley, aged 13. 

In October 2020, which would have been his 28th birthday, Presley remembered his son with a heartfelt message and shared it on Instagram alongside a photo of the grandson Elvis Presley, Benjamin wearing a birthday hat. 

She addressed Benjamin as her beautiful angel and continued that she worshiped the ground of the earth and is now in heaven. Her heart and soul have gone with him. That the pain and suffering that came with his death are suffocating and bottomless, and she will never feel the same ever again. 

So asked him to wait for her turn in heaven, while she continued to raise her daughters and be here for Riley. That is what Benjamin must have wanted her to do. 

Recently, in May, Pershley shared another open letter telling her fans that she took a social media break, not posting or sharing anything online. As she was continuously battling against the hideous grief that has destroyed and scattered her heart and soul into almost nothing and engulfed her in itself. 

She also shared that now she only focuses on her three daughters and nothing else.

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