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Jennifer Connelly Recalls Meeting Princess Diana At The ‘Labyrinth’ Premiere!!


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This past week in New York City, actress Jennifer Connelly appeared for a few interviews looking incredibly lovely. Recently, she has been seen promoting Top Gun: Maverick with her upcoming film, which will be released in theaters on May 27. Jennifer made appearances on Good Morning America and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on May 24 (Tuesday) and May 23 (Monday). 

Jennifer Connelly Looking Back On Time Met Princess Diana.

Jennifer talked about her second encounter with Prince William and Kate Middleton at the London premiere of the film “The Duchess of Cambridge” while she was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The event in question took place in London. She described her encounter with the late monarch as a “very momentous occurrence” when she spoke about it.

Jennifer Connelly Looking Back On Time Met Princess Diana.

Maverick in London’s Leicester Square. Also in attendance was the prince’s wife, also named Kate Middleton, was also in attendance. At the Royal Command Premiere of her film Labyrinth in London in 1986, the stunning woman first met Princess Diana, William’s mother. William’s father, Prince Charles, also attended the event. Entertainment Tonight chatted with the seasoned actor, who told us that her filming experiences have been “amazing.”

Connelly responded “Yes,” when questioned by E.T. on Monday in New York City whether or not she had ever met any other members of the British royal family except William and Kate. Connelly made his acting debut in the feature picture Labyrinth, released in 1986 and had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

At that premiere, she got the opportunity to meet one of the most famous royals in history. Jennifer gushed, “I had the opportunity to meet [Princess] Diana, William’s mother.” There is a possibility of Diana, who was 25, conversing with Jennifer, a teenager. It was the year 1986, and Prince William had just turned four. They were right next to an animated figure named Ludo, who appeared in the film. 

Both Diana and Jennifer wore white lace and satin dresses accessorized with pearl chokers and earrings to match, while Prince Charles stood by Diana’s side wearing a black velvet suit. When she was starting in the acting world, Connelly went with director Jim Henson to the world premiere of Labyrinth. The Prince of Wales and his wife, Princess Diana, were seen in the audience during the event.

Connelly posted a picture of herself with Princess Diana from a few years ago while she was at the royal premiere of her new film Top Gun: Maverick. The premiere was held at the Royal Albert Hall. The last time she attended a royal premiere was in 1986, and I got to meet Diana, said Connelly, who participated at a royal premiere. It was because she had worked on the movie Labyrinth when she was younger, so that was the reason.

She said she was shocked to finally meet her. She was perfect in every way. She was a stunningly gorgeous woman.” In 1982, when Diana attended the premiere of “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” little Drew Barrymore was also in attendance. Diana also participated in the premiere of the film. My recollection of the occasion is as clear and distinct as having occurred only the day before. In an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! In 2018, Barrymore exclaimed that “meeting a real-life princess was the most fantastic moment of my life.” Diana was and will continue to inspire all young women as a role model. Tom Cruise stars as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the film Top Gun: Maverick, which stars Jennifer Connelly as Penelope “Penny” Benjamin. He becomes a new love interest for Cruise’s Pete character.

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