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Jenelle Evans Says Jace ‘Should Be Living with Me’ Instead Of Her Mother


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Jenelle Evans said of her mother, “Someone took my baby away from me and wouldn’t let me raise it. Then she kicked me out and took my baby away because she was jealous of a guy I was dating at the time.”
Jenelle Evans says her mother, Barbara Evans, took her son Jace, who is 13.
Last January, Barbara said she still had custody of Jace. But Jenelle insisted at the time that they both had custody of him. After a few days, Jenelle said Barbara blocked her amid their back-and-forth.

Jenelle Evans Says Jace ‘Should Be Living with Me’ Instead Of Her Mother

In a series of Instagram Stories she posted Friday, the 30-year-old former Teen Mom star responded to a fan’s comment that read, “Jace and Barb were always meant to be together.”

Jenelle said, “Comments like this are exactly why I don’t want to share my life anymore.” She told the audience, “Don’t believe everything you see on TV or hear from third parties.”

Jenelle Evans

She continued, “There have been a lot of personal things going on in my family lately, and Jace should be living with me.”

She said she and her family were in a court case, and while she didn’t want to “berate” Barbara, “if there’s no problem with someone having their child, they should have it.”

The mother of three became angry and began to cry. She said, “This idea that I am a bad mother…. I do everything I can for my children and try as best I can to be the best mother in the world. I try not to cry, but comments like that hurt a lot.”

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Jenelle’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis is the father of their son Jace. Jenelle then talked about a scene from her MTV reality show in which her mother criticized her for “living on the streets with your boyfriend.”

Jenelle said on Instagram that it “hurts” to watch the scene over and over again, and she said of Barbara, “Someone took my baby away from me, wouldn’t let me raise my baby, and then kicked me out and took my baby away from me because she was jealous of the guy I was dating at the time. Let’s look at the real reason I was kicked out and why all my stuff was in the middle of the yard when I came back.

She also said, “As a parent, I would never do that to my kids.”


Then Jenelle agreed with someone who said she and Jace have seen different sides of Barbara. “When I was a kid, I thought I was the golden child,” she said.

“Once I had a child, it was like I didn’t exist to her anymore and Jace took my place,” she said. “I think she felt that way, or still feels that way, but that didn’t give her the right to take my son away from me.

She also said she couldn’t say much more because of the court case.

Jenelle said of her relationship with Barbara, “It’s just sad that she can’t be a grandparent because she’s out to be a parent, period. It’s almost like a race.”

When tried to speak with Barbara, she said nothing.

Later, Jenelle talked about a scene from Teen Mom where she says, “Jace doesn’t need me, he has my mom.”

She said she was under contract at the time and had to do the voiceover.

“We were given a complete script to read for these voiceovers. It was handed out to each girl, and we had to do it according to the contract or we would have been fined. I asked them to change it before, but they said no,” she said.

MTV was contacted for comment but did not immediately respond.

Jenelle said she felt free to say what she wanted because she was no longer bound by contract.

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