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All About Jefferey Archer Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career!


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Jeffrey Archer once said that he longed to be four when he was three. And then, when he was four, he longed to be Prime Minister! He developed a reputation at Oxford for having a solid work ethic.

Jefferey Archer Net Worth, Age, Personal Life, Career!

Jeffrey Archer is an English-born author and politician who was a member of the House of Commons for Louth from 1969 until 1974. He quit his position due to a debacle that nearly ruined him.

Despite his fantastic success in politics and literature, Lord Archer’s more significant aims may be jeopardized by a sequence of blunders and gaffes. Though his life has always been somewhat of a roller coaster, he may be about to experience yet another upswing.

Jefferey Archer Net Worth, Age, Personal Life, Career

Jefferey Archer Net Worth

Having a net worth of $200 million, Jeffrey Archer is one wealthy author and politician. Despite all of his scandals and controversies, the guy remains one of the most prominent literary characters and continues to write exciting novels for his followers.

Archer resurrected his career as an author.

With an estimated 34 million copies sold worldwide, his 1979 novel Kane and Abel is still one of the best-selling books ever written. Over 320 million copies of his novels have been sold worldwide in total. Archer makes $34.67 million a year in income.

In 1974, a Canadian firm called Aquablast was involved in a bogus investment plan that claimed a big blow to Archer’s riches. The shambles cost him his initial wealth and nearly £500,000 in bankruptcy.

Jefferey Archer Net Worth

Jefferey Archer Early Life

William Archer and his journalist wife Lola welcomed Jeffrey Howard Archer into the world on April 15, 1940, in the City of London maternity hospital.

The young Jeffrey, known as “the Pune” because of his skeletal build, developed into a star athlete and eventually made it to the national school championship for the track.

He arrived in Somerset when he was just two weeks old and finally made their home in Weston-super-Mare, a beach community where Archer spent most of his formative years.

Jeffrey returned to school after leaving the service, working at a bar and spending some time in San Francisco. Despite never having been a theologian, he was accepted to Oxford’s Brasenose College to complete a degree course in pedagogy.

Jefferey Archer Career 

He became one of the House of Commons youngest MPs at 29, but his goals were sidetracked in 1974 when a dodgy Canadian corporation he’d invested a lot of money in declared bankruptcy.

In the face of almost overwhelming debt, he resigned from the House of Commons broke! He resolved to become a most fabulous author to make up for his losses.

He penned Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less, which became an absolute hoot and helped him pay off lenders. Over 120 million books have been sold by him worldwide as of this writing.

He quickly became a Conservative Party favorite, delighting everyone from Margaret Thatcher to significant campaign contributors. He was elected deputy chairman of the party in 1985, a non-paid but vital appointment.

His political future was jeopardized in October 1986 when a UK publication released an article about him supposedly paying a prostitute to flee the country after he was spotted savoring her charms and services.

Eventually winning the defamation lawsuit against the media and exiting unhurt, he resigned as deputy chairman, admitting “failure of judgment.”

He became involved in philanthropic causes and was later awarded a royal title by then-Prime Minister John Major for his philanthropic efforts to assist Kurds after the Gulf Crisis.

The position of elected Mayor of London was Jeffrey’s next goal. However, when a buddy who had provided Archer with an alibi in the prostitute case confessed he’d made up his tale, the would-be politician was forced to walk away from the campaign and was summoned before the Old Bailey.

Lord Archer was found guilty on multiple charges of lying and tampering with the justice system just one week after his beloved mother died during the judge’s summoning. As of July 2001, he was given a four-year prison term.

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Jefferey Archer Personal Life

In July 1966, Mary Weeden and Archer became husband and wife and still going strong. Weeden was their classmate at Oxford University studying chemistry at St Anne’s College when they first crossed paths. She later developed expertise in the sun’s electricity.

William Archer, a theatrical producer, and James Archer, an entrepreneur, and economic consultant, are their two children from the marriage.

The Grantchester Old Vicarage, a residence connected to the poet Rupert Brooke, is one of the possessions of Archers from 1979. They celebrate their wedding anniversary by throwing a magnificent garden party every summer.

By the early 1980s, Archer was back in the black and began hosting shepherd’s pie and Krug celebrations for luminaries in his London mansion, which encompasses the River Thames and the Parliament Buildings.

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