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Is Disney World Demolishing Cinderella Castle?


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The recent rumors about Disney World and the famous Cinderella Castle were circulating on the internet. According to a recent web article from Disney World, the famous Cinderella Castle will be gone. Cinderella Castle, the theme park’s tallest tower, was built to be partially or completely demolished in the aftermath of a hurricane, according to an old but still circulating urban legend concerning Walt Disney World in Florida.

The Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom will be restored to commemorate Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary. The greenery in front of Cinderella Castle has been queued up for restoration, and the amphitheater in front of the park sign has been razed.

After its 50th Anniversary, Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle Will Be No More!

According to a significant Disney statement, Cinderella Castle will be removed from Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. As a result, you can no longer view the imposing Castle when strolling down Main Street, USA. This announcement appeared to have sprung from nowhere.

Is Disney World Demolishing Cinderella Castle?

Before this declaration, there had been no hint that Cinderella Castle would be moved. Because the Castle is well-known and represents Disney, many people believed it would never be altered or replaced. It is astounding that the Castle is being removed from Magic Kingdom, considering every park that serves as an equivalent to Magic Kingdom has one.

Disney will probably remove castles from each Disney site worldwide, such as Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. Unfortunately, the Magic Kingdom is the only one losing its beloved Castle, and it is undeniable that without Cinderella Castle, Main Street USA and the Magic Kingdom look empty.

Disney World won’t be tearing down the Cinderella Castle, contrary to a TikTok rumor!

At Disney World, Cinderella Castle is a must-see attraction. So it came as a shock to the fans when rumors of its impending demolition began to spread. Cinderella Castle is being destroyed, according to a video released on TikTok by @mousetrapnews with the caption: But in reality, the entire story is a parody. Their bio states, “Real Disney news is 100% phony.” In Disney news, the mouse is a trustworthy source.”

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About The Mouse Trap, That Started It All!

The best satirical website on the planet is called The Mouse Trap. They create fictitious stories about Disney Parks. You can rest assured that everything you read on their page, from Disney park updates to news about Disney hotels and resorts to fictitious Disney alliances, is not correct or accurate, but it is entertaining. Since their motto, The Moused Trusted Name in Disney News, isn’t valid, The Mouse Trap is using it anyway since they found it clever and hilarious.

The Mouse Trap page explicitly states that it was developed on a hunch to have a little mischief and compose Disney scenarios that we hope were real. Some Disney websites build false narratives to entice visitors to click. The Mouse Trap creates entirely fictitious stories for your entertainment. According to the page’s authors, Disney may decide to turn one of the new Mouse Trap stories into reality if they notice how much the public enjoys some of the stories.

A little background Check On Cinderella Castle’s Magical History

The iconic and magnificent Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom is perhaps a more treasured component of the Disney panorama. Cinderella’s Castle brings Europe to central Florida like EPCOT gives guests a passport to explore the world.

To give Cinderella her opulent home at Disney World in Orlando, this Disney Castle, with its beautiful exterior and blue towers, draws real-life inspiration from various romantic French palaces and fortresses.

After 18 months of development, the Disney Castle was finished in July 1971. It towers over Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle in California by 100 feet. It stands 189 feet tall, measured from the water canal’s concrete bottom. Plus, Approximately 3.37 million gallons of water are in the canal of the Castle.

The canal was built around the castle to assist Disney in avoiding bugs. In 1971, any structure taller than 190 feet in Florida would have required a red, flashing airplane beacon on top to warn pilots that flying low would be risky.

So, to avoid having a Rudolph-like blinking red light glowing above the Magic Kingdom’s most iconic feature, Enthusiasts erected Cinderella’s Castle 189 feet high. The Cinderella Castle appears to be built of marble thanks to its enchanting design, but it is comprised of steel, masonry, stucco, and plastics. One more surprise for visitors and readers: It was built with no bricks!

Walt Disney And Conception Of Disneyland

Walter Elias Disney, a modern Aesop, is remembered as the founding father of Walt Disney Productions, one of the world’s most prominent film production companies.

Is Disney World Demolishing Cinderella Castle?

In the mid-1950s, Disney began devoting more of his time and energy to pursuits other than animation. After being intrigued by the layout of Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark, Disney began constructing a Disneyland in California. In July 1955, Disneyland opened to great fanfare. Within a month of its inauguration, the park was attracting more than 20,000 visitors each day, and by the end of its first year, it had received 3.6 million visits.

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