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IG Official Went Viral!!! Murda Beatz And Megastar Anitta Are Officially A Pair!


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Another pair in the industry!

The famous Canadian songwriter and Brazilian singer have made their love relationship official after months of dating. Both are said to be hanging out together and recently did an IG official this Sunday.

Murda Beatz And Megastar Anitta Are Officially A Pair!

Apart from being a megastar, Murda Beatz went all the way to Brazil only to meet the family of his girlfriend. Apparently, Anitta’s family is already impressed by the Hip Hop super producer’s approach. 

Both were having fun at Coachella and seemed inseparable with their public display of affection. Murda, on his IG stories, shared a picture mentioning the love of his life. He added “Happy Brazilian Valentines Day, Babe” under the snap, which grabbed the attention of the whole industry.

Murda Beatz And Megastar Anitta Are Officially A Pair!

In conjunction with it, both lovers are collaborating with each other on their upcoming music. The mega-producer and Brazilian music star will be featuring together with Pharrell, Quavo, and J Balvin which will be dropped by July 8. 

The fan base of both incredible songwriters is huge and thus the new release is expected to be a hit.

Murda already has a number of hits with Cardi B, Travis Scott, Drake, and many more. Now it’s finally his turn to drop a hit along with his GF. 

Anitta on the other side was the topic of the two-day weekend after her impressive performance at Coachella. Subsequently, after many years of being single, the Brazilian Pop Singer is finally not single anymore.

In a recent review with J Balvin, Anitta revealed how serious she is with the relationship. She also stated that it is not a passing fancy but instead, the love with which she is intending to have a family. According to her, a relationship is a primary step to marriage and even death cannot part the two lovers if they are strong enough to stay.

Most of the affairs are short-timed and the vision of Anitta is contrary to it. After the interview statement, the buffs are expecting the marriage of both in the near future. 

She has been sharing photos of both making love and it is driving the audience crazy.  

It is only through Instagram that the public noticed the love language shared among these youngsters. That would be outlandish if the two amazing talents are corporate and created kinds of music that will stir the world. The Internet is filled with photos of Murda and Anitta working side by side. Anitta dating the renowned producer has been viral within days of its publicity.

The official pair is reportedly having a good time with the partners and is working on their upcoming project with the other experts. 

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