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Bullying In Television And Film Is Handled By British Broadcasters!!!


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Regarding the sudden surge in total cases of Bullying, while on set for Television shows or during movie shoots, many United Kingdom broadcasting companies have taken action against it.

Last week, as per reports, some of the biggest broadcasters from the United Kingdom came forward to make resolutions to solve this grave problem.

British Broadcasters Is Taking Action Against Bullying In Television And Film!!!

British Broadcasters, along with the UK Time’s prominent members such as Heather Rabbatts, have decided to back as well as pledged for an immediate financial support system for the formation of an Independent Standards Authority(ISA), which will have the sole duty to make sure all the shooting crews are safe while at work.

Bullying In Television And Film Is Handled By British Broadcasters

This sudden action by a majority of the broadcasting firms started after the incident of last year’s summer where more than twenty female crew from filed complaints of sexual harassment against the well-known actor Noel Clarke.

There is still a lot of debate over the issue. Still, they will be taking strict actions to ensure crew safety and prevent on-set Bullying of crew members.

How Many British Broadcasters Have Taken A Stance Against Bullying In Tv And Film Shoots?

As per the recent reports, some of the significant British Broadcasting firms came together last week where they all pledged to arrange for immediate funding to form a new and independent organization called “Independent Standards Authority.” 

The sole role of the body is to ensure that proper security is provided to cast members and crew members involved with the set weather regarding Television programmers or movie shootings.

According to the latest reports, the topic is also put forward by Uk Time’s Up Chair Heather Rabbatts. They also came together with Creative Uk’s CEO, Caroline Norbury. 

Both gave interviews to the media regarding their viewpoints on the matter, and both said that they are deeply troubled by the worsening cases of constant Bullying on the crew and cast members alike.

They are also joined by some of the other prominent firms in the UK, including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5, which Paramount owns, and finally, pay-TV giant Sky, which Comcast owns.

Some world-famous actors and actresses, including Naomie Harris, Keira Knightley, and singer Rebecca Ferguson have also joined with some of the largest UK broadcasting firms regarding the decision to create ISA.

What Is The Role Of The Independent Standards Authority In Preventing Bullying?

The Independent Standards Authority(ISA) will be the only organization to keep a record of all the security provided to crew members during shootings and shows. They will also ensure that all the people who have ultimately suffered from bullying in TV and Films get justice. At the same time, their personal information remains confidential to the highest standards to protect their privacy.

ISA is also expected to be wholly independent and separate from the broadcaster’s internal bullying complaints processing groups.

The idea behind creating ISA as an independent organization to oversee the safety of the people working in TV and Films has also been supported by BFI, PMA, BAFTA, and Casting Directors Guild, along with many others.


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