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Hellena Taylor Net Worth, Career, Income, Family, And Charity!


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You might notice a different voice in the title role of the brand-new video game Bayonetta 3 if you play it. Original voice actor Hellena Taylor has come forward on Twitter to express why she isn’t returning to the franchise and urging fans to protest the launch.

Yusuke Miyata, the game’s director, initially justified this as “overlapping circumstances to Game Informer. She explains her rejection of the forthcoming sequel by claiming that the reported offer made her feel disrespected. Hideki Kamiya, the executive director of Bayonetta 3, responded subtly to the accusations on Twitter.

Without specifically naming Hellena Taylor. The gaming community and other media behemoths will undoubtedly have a range of reactions to this episode. It is estimated that Hellena Taylor net worth is $12 million.

Who Is Hellena Taylor?

According to PlatinumGames, Hellena Taylor, who provided Bayonetta’s voice in the original two games, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the animated film Bayonetta: Bloody Fate, won’t be returning for Bayonetta 3. she says in the second segment of her video message that she “decided to do it to stand up in solidarity with people all over the world who do not get paid correctly for their skills,” adding that this is unacceptable.

Net Worth Hellena Taylor

Hellena Taylor also mentions that she had been experiencing mental health problems, such as melancholy and anxiety, which contributed to her having more darker thoughts. Additionally, she might have broken an NDA based on how things are going.

Full NameHellena Taylor
ProfessionVoice Actor
Sources Of IncomeProfession
Biggest AssetsBayonetta Franchise
Date Of BirthJanuary 24, 1969
Age53 Years Old
NationalityEngland, UK
Wealth TypeSelf-Made

Hellena Taylor Net Worth

In all of Bayonetta’s earlier appearances, Hellena Taylor, a British actress, provided the English voiceover for the character. Hellena Taylor net worth is reported to be $12 million, according to sources. Her estimates that the “Bayonetta” franchise generated $450 million in revenue, excluding sales of related goods.

Hellena Taylor Net Worth

Hellena Taylor was paid $4000 for providing the voiceover for Bayonetta 3, which she considered a relatively small sum given the franchise’s success. Currently, Hellena Taylor is urging supporters to “boycott this game” and donate the money to charity instead.

The television series “Wild ‘N’ Out,” in which Taylor co-starred with Demi Moore, is another project for which Hellena Taylor is well-known.

Key Facts

  • West London served as Hellena Taylor’s birthplace.
  • In her teenage years, Hellena Taylor participated in both the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain and the Surrey Youth Theatre.
  • Attended and completed a three-year program at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) under the instruction of Hellena Taylor.
  • Hellena Taylor has performed in many live-action theatre and film roles throughout her career.
  • In addition to the video game roles, Hellena Taylor has also provided voiceovers for radio, television broadcasts, and movie trailers.
  • Along with her well-known performance as Bayonetta in the movie Bayonetta: Bloody Fate, Hellena Taylor has also made appearances in advertisements, anime, and cartoons.
  • Originally scheduled to reprise her performance as Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3, Hellena Taylor departed the production, and Jennifer Hale provided Bayonetta’s voice in the third installment.
  • The Hunt, Cockpit, The Sweetest Thing, and Ways To Live Forever are just a few movies in which Hellena Taylor has appeared in minor roles.

Hellena Taylor Sources Of Income

Several reports claim that Hellena Taylor has made the most of her money playing in films and television shows. However, Hellena Taylor has so far had an exceptionally lucrative career doing voiceovers for various video games, which is the primary driver of her success.

Hellena Taylor Sources Of Income

Perhaps Hellena Taylor’s most recognizable part is that of the female Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect series, which just came back with the release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in May of last year. In addition, she provided Samus Aran’s voice for the three main Metroid Prime games, which will please Nintendo fans.

In September of last year, Hellena Taylor made the first indication that she might not be resuming the role of Bayonetta. Another interesting tidbit is that Atsuko Tanaka performs the VA role in the Japanese version of Bayonetta.

Hellena Taylor Charity Involvement

Voice actress Hellena Taylor is in the news after urging her followers to boycott the upcoming Bayonetta 3 because she refused to take the job for “insulting remuneration” even though Hellena Taylor is well-known and has a successful career.

In the game’s first two iterations, the voice actor provided the voice for Bayonetta. However, Hellena Taylor recently claimed in a series of videos that Platinum Games had made her an “insulting payment” in exchange for the second Bayonetta game’s ability to generate $450 million in profits.

Hellena Taylor made the claims in relation to a series of films that she put on her Twitter account, as she was spotted pushing her followers to skip the game and make a donation to a charity instead. This demonstrates Hellena Taylor’s capacity for charitable giving and her faith in the power of good.

Hellena Taylor Social Media Involvement

According to the estimates, Hellena Taylor net worth is $12 million. In her career, she does the voice for the video game Bayonetta and is quite active on social media. On numerous social media sites, even her most recent news was circulated.

On social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, being a gaming voice actor has helped build a good fan base. Hellena Taylor, an actress, claims that the producers of “Bayonetta 3” severely underpaid her to return as her character in a series of films she posted on Saturday.

Social media users who closely follow gaming news make up the majority of Hellena Taylor’s fan base. Fans decided to start a charity drive for her after she requested them to stop buying the game when it was released.

Being renowned is entirely normal when you have provided the voice for a well-known video game character. Hellena Taylor gives a list of reasons why she believes her skills are more valuable, including her impressive professional background.

Hellena Taylor outstanding record as Bayonetta’s voice actress since the game’s creation in 2009. Although PG and Nintendo have not yet responded to the accusations, Kamiya has responded online with a somewhat menacing statement.

Interestingly enough, gaming Twitter is solidly on Hellena Taylor’s side, denouncing the purported move to fire the original voice actor for something so trivial. It’s also quite depressing to hear HT describe her financial situation; it seems like Hellena Taylor has little to lose by drawing attention to it.

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