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What George Carlin Taught Jon Stewart About Fart Jokes? Detail Explored!!


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George Carlin passed away fourteen years ago, the stand-up routines and satire he performed are just as important now as they were when he was alive. And in a new two-part HBO documentary about his life, his comedy students discuss why they found this so significant in their own lives. Stewart made these remarks in the clip. 

George Carlin Taught Jon Stewart’s Fart Jokes

Stewart responds, “As a kid, I didn’t grasp that in any way,” before administering a literal chef’s kiss to the comedian’s comparative research of the “side-cheek pull-up fart.” This occurs when Judd Apatow and Michael Bonfiglio contrast two Carlin jokes about organized religion and flatulence.

What George Carlin Taught Jon Stewart About Fart Jokes

According to Apatow, Carlin’s stuff “gets better” with age, as he stated earlier this year on an edition of The Last Laugh podcast, which you can listen to here. You can access this episode here. “Even now, the things that he was expressing back in the ’90s and ’00s are things people should be thinking about,” the comic says. 

Everything he preached back in the ’90s and ’00s is still true today. However, this does not imply that the late comedian’s political beliefs can be classified straightforwardly.

Apatow is quoted in the film as saying, “Whatever you imagine his position would be, you’re probably incorrect,” which is a quote from Carlin’s daughter Kelly, who served as an executive producer. The implications of what it would mean are just staggering.

According to Stewart, Carlin’s handling of farts was “unprecedented in comedic history.” Stewart was astounded by the way Carlin treated farts with the same rigor and vocabulary as he did the Vatican. He told The Daily Beast that Carlin’s treatment of farts was “unique in comic history.” When he was a child, the phrase “side-cheek lift-up fart” was utterly foreign. However, when he was asked to elucidate on the term, he did so by giving a chef’s kiss. He did say that.

The world premiere of Judd Apatow and Michael Buonfiglio’s latest film, “George Carlin’s American Dream,” will occur this coming Friday evening. Patton Oswalt, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Patton Oswalt are the other guests appearing in the evening. Other guests include Stephen Colbert and Chris Rock.

Both Michael Bonfiglio and Judd Apatow are huge fans of George Carlin’s humor. The fact that his opinions are still discussed today even though he passed away 14 years ago influenced their decision to make a documentary about Carlin for HBO.

“Stand-up” comedy Carlin, who has had a lengthy career and has performed on “The Tonight Show” more than 130 times, as well as starring in films such as “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” covered abortion, the planet, police brutality, and organized religion. Since he first delivered it in 1972, “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television ” has become a running gag in comedy television.

George Carlin’s American Dream would be the first thing to go viral whenever there was a significant event in the news, as Apatow, who co-directed the movie alongside Bonfiglio, a longtime collaborator, recalls. His comedy gets better as he gets older because it is so meaningful and concentrates on the bigger picture, which the vast majority of comedians don’t do. In addition, a significant portion of it reads like a caution.”

Even though Apatow never had the opportunity to meet Carlin, the comedian was a significant inspiration for the director. Apatow began his career as a teenager performing stand-up comedy before working in television and movies. 

In it, he highlights the influence that it had on him to listen to himself repeatedly during a time when there were only around 10,000 channels and the internet. “It instructed me on how to break down different ideas.

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