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Florida Stepdad Gets Life In Prison For Abuse Of 11-year-Old Rescued By Orlando Waitress


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A Florida Stepdad has been sentenced to life in prison multiple times for torturing his 11-year-old stepson. The boy was rescued last year when a waitress secretly showed him a sign and asked if he needed help. Thirty-six-year-old Timothy Lee Wilson was found guilty in June of aggravated child abuse, aggravated child abuse with a weapon, child neglect, and false imprisonment. The verdict against him was announced Wednesday.

Stepfather Gets Life In Prison For Abuse Of 11-year-old

Judge Wayne C. Wooten, in handing down the sentence last week, said, “You have failed completely both as a parent and as a human being.” “Therefore, I will impose upon you the sentence that the law allows me to impose, although frankly I feel it falls short of what you truly and greatly deserve,” he said.

Florida Stepdad

Kristen Swann, the boy’s birth mother, said she knew about the abuse and is also charged with neglect. At a hearing last week, the judge accepted her confession and set Sept. 16 as the date of sentencing.
Flaviane Carvalho was the waitress who saved the boy by showing him a sign that said, “Need help? OK,” she said, pleased with the decision.
Cavalho told The Source “I’m relieved and grateful that he got what he deserved.” “I’m also happy because the best thing is that the boy now has a healthy life, is safe, and gets a lot of love, affection, care, and respect,” Cavalho said the boy is back with his real father.
When Wilson and his family visited Mrs. Potato Head restaurant in Orlando on New Year’s Day 2021 but did not order food for the boy, the story made the news.
Wilson told Carvalho that the boy would have dinner at home, but she noticed the boy had bruises on his face and arms. At a press conference in 2021, Carvalho said, “I could see he had a big scratch between his eyebrows. A few minutes later I saw a bruise on the side of his eye.” So I thought something was wrong.
After holding up the first sign behind Wilson where he couldn’t see it, the boy initially said he was fine, but when he tried again, he nodded yes.
“I wrote another sign and asked him if he needed help. Carvalho said, to which he nodded and said yes.” Carvalho then spoke with her boss, who agreed she should call the police.

In a recording of their phone conversation released by police, Carvalho said, “I’m very worried and I don’t know what to do. Can you tell me what to do?” How can I help? “The boy has cuts and bruises, and he won’t eat. They all eat.

When the police arrived, they talked to the parents and the child. The child reportedly winced in pain when asked to roll up the sleeves of his sweatshirt, causing bruises on his arms.
After police arrived, the boy was taken to the hospital, where doctors determined he was 20 pounds underweight and had bruises all over his body.
Police said the boy’s parents hurt him in a variety of ways, such as forcing him to do 30-minute plank exercises and hitting him when he failed them.
At a press conference, a police spokesman said, “What this child went through was torture.” “It’s heartbreaking to see what this 11-year-old went through.”
The boy told police that ratchet straps were tied around his ankles and neck and that he was once hung upside down from a door.
He said he was beaten with a wooden broom, handcuffed, and tied to a large rolling cart. He also said that he was not often given anything to eat as punishment.
After he was found, the boy and his 4-year-old sister were taken in by Florida Children and Family Services. His sister appeared to be doing well.
Detective Erin Lawler of the Special Victims Unit said, “If Ms. Carvalho hadn’t said anything when she saw it, the little boy probably wouldn’t be with us much longer.”

Since then, Carvalho has become a staunch advocate for combating child abuse. She told DailyMail.com that it is important for people to say something when they see what looks like abuse.

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