Homemovie newsFirst Look Johnny Depp As King Louis XV In 'Jeanne Du Barry'

First Look Johnny Depp As King Louis XV In ‘Jeanne Du Barry’


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The Pirates of The Caribbean is back in the reel! The first official image of Johnny Depp in Maiwenn’s Jeanne Du Barry has been released, making the phenomenal actor’s fans go crazy.

The french movie has published its foremost teaser picture on social media which is reportedly creating a storm right there. The playful picture of Depp, in the character of King Louis XV, has already ignited the fire of anticipation among the strong followers of the legend. The movie is said to be an old-generation love story in which the director, Maiwenn would also be showing up in the title role as Jeanne Du Barry.  

See Johnny Depp’s First Image As King Louis XV In “Jeanne Du Barry.”

As per the gained words, the camera started rolling from the fourth week of July, precisely speaking on July 26 and the locations of the shoot are assumed to include Versailles and other Parisian areas of historical importance. 

Apparently, the filming would last for 11 months under the production company Why Not. 

The moment of the teaser poster release was a landmark moment for Depp as the Jeanne Du Barry would be his first movie in the last three years, in which he was overblown by the popular defamation trail with his ex-wife and Aquaman star Amber Heard. 

The highly anticipated upcoming movie of The Rum Diary star is basically inspired by King Louis XV’s last mistress Jeanne Du Barry after Madame de Pompadour. 

Jeanne Du Barry is expressed as a character of a culture-hungry middle-class woman, who often harnesses her intelligence to get into whatever she wants. Du Barry eventually becomes Louis XV’s favorite by evoking his inner self in finding the real purpose of life. With time the pair slowly bonds with one another ending up falling deeply in love. 

The storyline takes Du Barry to enter Versailles breaking the rules and etiquette of their court. In short, Jeanne Du Barry is a documented love story between Louis XV and his courtesan Jeanne Du Barry. 

Along with the saga, other established actors like The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe’s Piere Richard,  Camille Rewinds’ Noemie Lvovsky, The Young Lovers’ Melvil Poupaud, Fishlove’s Indian Hair, and Fidelity’s Pascal Greggory.

Just like how important the movie is for Johny Depp, it is equally precious for Maiwenn as it would be her sixth feature film after the blockbuster Polisse: My King, which also won a jury prize in Cannes 2011. For the movie, its core actor, Emmanuelle Bercot was honored with a Best Actress Award at Cannes 2015. 

In Jeanne Du Barry, the multifaceted Maiwenn has co-written the screenplay along with Teddy Lussi-Modeste, apart from directing and co-starring in it. 


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Although the information revealed was only picky, the key details were still zoomed in such as the film’s cinematographer Laurent Dairyland, costume designer Yurgen Doering, make-up artist Tom Pecheux, Hairstylist John Nollet, and sound specialist Nicolas Provost. The original music composer of the movie is Stephen Warbeck, who is renowned for composing the love themes for Shakespeare’s In Love: End Credits. 

The groundbreaking fact for the public is neither of those, but the final return of their favorite baron, Depp. The esteemed star was seen wearing a beige suit topped with blue colored ribbon. Clicked from the side angle, the image revealed the blonde hair within the furred hat. Whereas when looked closer, it can be seen that Depp’s bleached hair was extended till his broad shoulder. 

The prolific actor was blindfolded in the teaser picture which was released by Deadline Hollywood on their Twitter page. The first look of Depp has been ruling the internet since it was shared by the official. 

Since the movie would be released in French, the fans have shown up in the comments expressing their concern in waiting for the film to release in their specific countries. One of the Depp-fans penned down under the post that read, “doesn’t look like we’ll see it here in the US for a long time”.

First Look Johnny Depp As King Louis XV In 'Jeanne Du Barry'

Many other fans have also reshared the tweet mentioning Depp as their ‘beloved’. Along with the recent photo, a slew of other pictures are also ruling today. 

Entertainment Tonight has also tweeted informing the fanatics on the acting return of the legend, where John Depp would be transformed into King Louis XV

The hearts of millions were on fire when the gossip was flaring in the air that claimed that Depp would not return to his acting career followed by his defamation lawsuit that passed its final verdict earlier this year. 

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