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Top NewsDisappearance Of Teen Kiely Rodin: Cops Reveal More Updates!

Disappearance Of Teen Kiely Rodin: Cops Reveal More Updates!


The search continues for 16-year-old Kiely Rodin, who was banished from a bonfire party in the Northern California campground on August 5th.

Kiely saw it around 12;30 a.m on Saturday 6th August near the Prosser family campground in Truckee. The investigation comes to 11 days and to date, there are no clues or whereabouts of this girl.

Disappearance Of American Teen Kiely Rodin

And the investigators state that there are still no signs of the girl with the missing car. And Captain Sam Brown of Nevada County Sheriff’s had stated that the investigation comes to its limited phase and they will move to the background investigative phase from next week. They are not winding up the investigation and their efforts.

Disappearance Of Teen Kiely Rodin: Cops Reveal More Updates!

Kiely’s cellphone last ping close to the Prosser lake location. And it was around 12:30 a.m. It is hard to find the exact location where it was close to the water. The Divers searched for the girl but there were no clues about the girl and the missing car. The search in the lake is a complicated one because of poor visibility.

The investigators also shared a new photo and details related to Kiely’s car on Monday. It has a California license with a number plate:8YUR127 and also a  ram sticker below the rare wiper blade.

Along with the details about the car, they also got the footage of the missing girl at the party on the evening of August 5. From this footage, they got a clear picture that she was wearing a white color hoodie which covered the phrase ‘’odd future’’ in pink letters.

The investigators have no idea about her movements after 12;30 a.m that day. And this makes the investigation to a limited phase. Her friend Samantha was the last person who spoke to her and she was planning to go home along with her and but Kiely was in a drunken state and was not in the position to drive. so, she changed her plan to go with her.

Kiely’s mother Lindsey Rodni- Nieman told to media that her daughter texted her at 11;30 p.m that she will be leaving the party within 45 minutes. The distance from the party ground is just only 25 minutes. It was the last time that she talked to her. She realizes that her daughter didn’t come home when woke up in the morning.

As the question remains the same what happened to the teenage girl? There are no whereabouts of the missing case this girl. The investigators detail her car as a silver 2013 Honda CVR. The investigators also note that she had borrowed a black hoodie with Lana Del Ray lyrics.

The investigators describe her appearance as white in compilation, with 5’7’’ tall with blonde hair and hazel eyes. she had numerous piercings and jewelry.

In the search for the missing girl, the FBI and law enforcement team spent one day digging at a site where they believed the girl is buried. But they only got the remaining dog. 

There are no clues what has happened to her as the investigation comes to its 11th day and the investigation stops in Prosser lake. The investigators have no idea where she disappeared with her car. And the main thing to point out is that she was in a drunken state and is not well to drive in this state.

Kiely’s grandfather told the media that he thinks finding the missing car will help the investigation of what had happened to his granddaughter. The car is also missing with the teenager. 

The mystery behind the missing girl deepens day by day. The investigation gets its limited phase as there is no information about the girl. Nothing extraordinary had happened on a missing day. The investigators had questioned the family members and friends but no loophole in finding her. 

The investigators change the search method of this case and they will lead investigators from each agency and they will work together. Finding the teenage girl is more important and they will focus on that with all their efforts. We can come to the conclusion that the girl is abducted with her car.

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