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SeriesFear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10 Summary...

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10 Summary “Mourning Cloak”


Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10 “Mourning Cloak” is discussed in this article. When Charlie shows up at the tower unexpectedly, Howard enlists the help of a young ranger in training to figure out why she’s there. Charlie’s actual motivations are revealed as they venture beyond the tower together.

Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10

Alicia seeks safety in the home of a mysterious man in Fear of the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9. Alicia is forced to confront her past failures as her fever worsens and Arno pursues her at every opportunity.

About Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10

Howard asks him to find a Mourning Cloak butterfly for Victor’s collection in Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10, “Mourning Cloak,” before Victor returns. When Ali returns from his butterfly search, he discovers a girl going through his belongings. When Howard and John arrive, Charlie and John immediately recognize each other. Charlie is taken away by the Rangers.

A Year in the Life of a 13-Year-Old

When Howard interrogates Charlie, she requests to speak with Victor, who isn’t present. Charlie claims to be a 13-year-old girl wanting to live a normal life. She was attempting to enter the building and hoped that Grace or June would be able to conceal her. At that time, June makes a call to inform her that she’s in the hospital.

Garcia’s body is covered in radiation burns. He claims Victor got separated from the rest of the dead Rangers. Garcia apologizes to Howard for not helping. They watch Garcia’s body fall from the top level as Ali brings Charlie to the holding tank. Garcia, according to Howard, leaped.

Charlie inquires as to Garcia’s source of radiation exposure. According to Howard, Garcia was on a mission to locate parts to repair their elevator when he was poisoned. Charlie strikes a deal with Howard. If they let her dwell at the tower, she’ll receive the elevator parts, which Howard agrees to and says Ali will accompany Charlie the next day.

The Stalkers

Howard says Ali can find out why Charlie is there and whether Morgan sent her. Ali shows that he is on the Ranger team. When Ali and Charlie are searching for elevator parts, they come across some stalkers. Ali hides Charlie at a bowling alley. Ali gives Charlie a lesson after she claims she has never bowled before. 

They each notice a photograph of Muhammed and Ali. Muhammed, Ali explains, is his father, whom he lost in the blast. Charlie and Ali arrive at the location where the parts are found. Ali, who is going in alone, gives Charlie a radio. The stalkers surprise Ali as Charlie enters.

Love & Lies

Stalker questions Ali as to why Victor continues sending Rangers to “the pit.” Ali is perplexed and has no idea what to make of her speech. When the stalkers are attacked by walkers, Ali manages to flee. He goes in search of Charlie. 

Charlie rescues Ali, who is stuck to the ground. She admits that she lied and that Mogan was the one who sent her. She’s meant to turn off the beacon so Grace and the baby can escape. Charlie insists she won’t do it. Ali abandons Charlie by locking her inside the broken elevator. 

Ali radioed Howard to let him know that he will be returning without Charlie but with the components. Outside the elevator, Charlie hears gunshots aimed at the walkers. Ali has returned to save Charlie! Ali kisses Charlie and advises them to flee from everyone. Charlie falls asleep.

Making a Statement

June informs Ali that Charlie has been exposed to radiation and is dying. Ali deceives Howard by claiming Morgan did not send Charlie. Howard claims that he will be evicting Charlie in the morning. Ali will begin his first day as a ranger the following day. 

Ali pays a visit to Charlie and treats her to a birthday celebration in a butterfly-filled parlor. Ali assures Charlie that she will not desert him. Charlie is concerned about Morgan and the beacon. Alis says he’ll turn off the beacon for Morgan.

Howard catches Ali as he attempts to turn off the beacon and throws him over the rooftop. When Charlie sees Ali’s body fall, he takes the elevator down to speak with her. John is on Howard’s side, while June is on Charlie’s. June warns that if anyone touches Charlie, she will no longer treat anyone at the Tower.

June confronts John about Howard’s support as soon as he leaves. John claims that everything was a fabrication and that Howard must leave. He’s no good for the Tower, and with Howard in Victor’s ear, nothing will change. June promises Charlie that she will see Victor’s conclusion before succumbing to radiation illness.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 11 puts Luciana and Wes’ tolerance to the test when Daniel’s deteriorating mental state puts them all in danger!

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