HomenewsSeriesThe Ending Of Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 2 Explained!!

The Ending Of Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 2 Explained!!


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Better Call Saul Season 6, Episode 2 is titled “How Jimmy and Kim Continue to Create Their Plan to Sabotage Harold Hamlin’s Career,” referring to how Jimmy and Kim continue to establish their plan to sabotage Harold Hamlin’s career, this time, turning to the once-familiar faces of Betsy and Craig Kellerman.

Here’s How Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 2 Ends!

Craig has served time, and he and Betsy are attempting to rebuild with a new business preparing tax returns for people who don’t spend enough time reading the fine print to ensure that they aren’t being ripped off. 

Jimmy McGill represented them as Craig who faced charges over his illicit bookkeeping for Bernalillo County.

Since then, Craig has served time, hence he and Betsy are attempting to rebuild a new business by preparing tax returns for people who don’t spend enough time on it.

The Ending Of Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 2 Explained!!

Meanwhile, Nacho’s situation has deteriorated. The following events took place throughout this episode:

  • Gus and Mike swapped out the safety of Nacho’s home, nearly containing everything with a statement of bank scrawled with the hotel’s phone number where Nacho is currently hiding. 
  • Don Eladio and his men drill into the safe and discover the statement, giving them a clue as to where Nacho is. 
  • Nacho has had enough of Tyrus’ voice on the phone and sneaks out of his hotel room, only to learn that he is being watched—by Gus’s guys. 
  • Gus deduces that Lalo survived his intended assassination attempt and that if Eladio’s men reached Nacho before him, Nacho may speak up and disclose Gus’ involvement in the assassination attempt.
  • With respect to Nacho’s narrow escape from Eladio’s men at the Motel Cotillo, he killed at least one man before finally escaping. (Even if it was strictly self-defense, murder is still the worst crime.) Nacho demonstrates once again that he has the intelligence to outlast the majority of players in this game by determining not only that he was being observed, but also who had engaged the observers.
  • Gus clearly intended to portray Nacho as a crucial conspirator against Lalo in the opening sequence, but with Nacho still on the run—and now turning to Gus for answers—the issue becomes whether Gus will be able to protect him, or even whether he wants to.

Achievements in the Field of Cinematography 

The early clip of Jimmy practicing his new scheming speech pulls out so smoothly to reveal Kim in the foreground that it’s worth appreciating.

Especially because it allows us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Kim’s always straight face drop to just appreciate Jimmy’s over-the-top Irish accent. 

Kim has certainly kissed Jimmy more than she has smiled at his jokes, a detente that appears to play into their general feeling like a relationship, but seeing them enjoy each other’s company is still too endearing.

There are maybe more lyrical scenes in the show, but there’s nothing quite like witnessing Jonathan Banks gaze down the barrel of a pistol because he knows what’s right.

He still has enough morals left to say no to punishing an innocent man for his son’s sins. Despite the fact that the line between “yes” and “no” seems to have blurred over the last several seasons.

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