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Ewan McGregor Speaks Out Against Racist Messages Against Moses Ingram!!


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Social media users have targeted Moses Ingram, Ewan McGregor’s co-star in Obi-Wan Kenobi, with racial remarks and comments. Star Wars actor Donnie Yen says he’s devastated by the “horrendous” remarks Ingram has received since the Disney+ limited series premiered.

McGregor Thanks Fans For Making Obi-Wan

True Star Wars aficionados, according to McGregor, would never have bullied Ingram at the beginning. In no way does McGregor condone bullying and he expresses his dissatisfaction with Star Wars fans. In a Twitter video posted by the official Star Wars account, McGregor thanks fans for making Obi-Wan “the most-watched Disney+ original series debut of all time.”

Ewan McGregor Speaks Out Against Racist Messages Against Moses Ingram

What he’s expressing is that he’s curious to see what the family can accomplish when they’re all there. When it comes to the Star Wars family, Obi-Wan Kenobi is definitely the father. A few fan groups sought to target Moses Ingram the following morning by sending him racist and sexist messages in his Twitter feed, according to the author of this article. All of the texts he’s received have made him unhappy and dissatisfied. The messages he heard broke his heart, he claims.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Reva Sevander, played by Ingram, got a barrage of hateful messages and remarks over the weekend “In the “Star Wars” universe, there are numerous references to her being a “diversity hiring” and to her being “limited” employment.

There are many of them, “On May 31st, Ingram posted a video of the threats and degrading, racist direct messages she received from Star Wars fans, which she included in the caption. There is nothing anyone can do to stop those of you out there who put on a cape for me, therefore it really means a lot to me.” The hatred will not be stopped by anyone. The result is that my motivation for confessing this to you is a bit hazy.”
“Simply incredible” is how McGregor describes Ingram in the series, calling her “a terrific performer” and “a brilliant woman,” respectively.

As Reva, played by Ingram, the Grand Inquisitor, and Darth Vader test her mettle by hunting down the last remaining Jedi, including a young Luke and Leia, she is ruthless and ambitious.
“And it really pained me to my stomach to hear this has been happening,” McGregor says, adding that “as the series’ principal actor and executive producer, we stand with Moses.” Ingram plays Reva, a vicious Inquisitor on the program who is on a mission to find Kenobi, who has gone into hiding in the ten years since the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. We all have a soft spot for Moses, and she’s one of our favorites.


Also, if you’re bothering her via SMS, I’d say you’re not a fan of the Star Wars franchise. As far as we’re concerned, racism has no place in our modern society.” The actress, who plays Moses in the film, says she entirely agrees with him and stands behind him.


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