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Eva Marie, A Former WWE Star, Updates Fans After An Ant Attack Necessitates An ER Visit!


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The WWE Universe may initially have drawn to Eva Marie because of her vivid crimson hair. Still, after everything is said and done, everyone will be raving about her ruthlessness. But this time, it’s not her “viciousness” or her “lovely locks” that the media focuses on. Instead, it seems to be about a former WWE star that had to visit the emergency room due to the effects of a fire ant onslaught.

Former WWE Superstar Eva Marie Updates Fans Following Ant Attack & Emergency Room Visit!

Even while Eva Marie is still not amongst some of the WWE’s most well-known in-ring performers, she has managed to draw attention from the wrestling community and build a substantial online following during her tenure with the business. In 2019, she even won a seat on Celebrity Big Brother.

Eva Marie reported in a post on TikTok that she was recently admitted to the hospital after getting bitten by fire ants. Her back, neck, face, and legs are covered in welts in the video.

According to the physicians, Eva experienced a severe allergic response to fire ants, which caused her anaphylactic shock. Because of this, she had to be rushed to the ER. Eva, who was hospitalized during the Fifth of September holiday, has subsequently made a full recovery.

Former WWE Superstar Eva Marie Updates Fans Following Ant Attack

Can Ant Stings Be So Terrible?

A fire ant bite can cause severe pain and irritation, and even a minor response to something like a bite can have these adverse effects.

Eva Marie’s response seemed to be on the more severe side of the spectrum, so it’s wonderful that she could travel to a hospital and obtain care. Eva Marie is recovering, for those who are curious.

Since she stated in the comments that the video was originally shot during Labor Day, it was a little outdated when she most recently posted it. However, her health scare didn’t keep her from working out for very long because she is now back to it.

Ant Stings Be So Terrible

Why Did The Announcement Catch The Audience Off Guard?

We haven’t heard from the former “All Red Everything” since leaving professional wrestling in November 2021, and now we know something about her. November 2021, That month saw the revelation of her second release from the campaign; she had earlier been active as a member of an on-screen collaboration with Doudrop on Raw.

That August, when Eva and Doudrop finally broke up at SummerSlam 2021, Marie vanished from the public eye. Her final match was on the Raw program on September 20, 2021.

The Announcement Catch The Audience Off Guard

Eva was a polarizing WWE wrestler from 2013 to 2017 who was generally disliked by the public and seen to have inadequacies in the ring. Her time with the industry-leading promotion was marked by controversy.

The pinnacle of her career occurred in 2015 because once WWE skillfully manipulated the legitimate critiques leveled at Marie to create pro wrestling intrigue in a battle with NXT Women‘s title Bayley.

Following a media lull, it has now been revealed on social media that Eva Marie recently visited the ER after going into anaphylactic shock due to coming into contact with fire ants.

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What Has Eva Been Up To Since Her Exit From WWE?

After leaving WWE a week earlier, Coyle made the unusual transition into acting. Neither a male nor a woman has ever done this. Eva tried to appear in as many different genres as she could.

Her first film, Action #1, is a comedy, and her second effort, “Inconceivable,” is a thriller. Due to how demanding it was, she was heavily invested in acting workshops, vocal coaches, and training.

A business management degree is another thing Eva has. She may have decided to leave WWE sooner than she had anticipated, but she had always intended to concentrate on building her brand.

Dany Garcia, Eva’s manager, was a major source of inspiration for her since not only does she run her own company, but she also does a variety of other things.

She became well-known when she was chosen to appear on the program Total Divas program. The reality show focuses on the life of the female wrestlers known as WWE Divas behind the scenes.


For example, Eva Marie married Jonathan Coyle in a private ceremony; at the time, her parents were unaware of the wedding arrangements.

These performances include wrestlers, announcers, and valets. The reaction of Eva Marie’s parents to the news was depicted in an installment of Total Divas, and they weren’t happy.

Along with television programs like Entourage, CSI: New York, and 90210, Eva has appeared on the covers of magazines like Glam Fit and Import Tuner. She was also featured in a Maxim spread.

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