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Elon Musk Allegedly Had Affair With Wife Of Google Founder Sergey Brin


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Elon Musk is reported to have had a brief relationship with Google co-founder’s wife, Nicole Shanahan which led to her split with husband, Sergey Brin. The benevolence is said to have ruptured among the two business magnates following the allegation which is trending on the internet today. 

Elon Musk Allegedly Had Affair With Wife Of Google Founder

At the beginning of the year, Sergey Brin was gushed to have filed a report for his divorce from his wife, Nicole Shanahan, of which the grounds being Shanahan’s fling with Tesla CEO. On Sunday, a source reported that reason which was kept under the veil for a time now. However, Musk has put down the allegation as a “hit piece” though.

Musk, 51, had a relatively good friendship with computer scientist Brin, which marked an ugly end as the SpaceX Chief Engineer got into a flirty relationship with his present life partner. 

Elon Musk Allegedly Had Affair With Wife Of Google Founder Sergey Brin Ending Their Friendship

An insider reported that it was in December that the love sparkled between the duo, during which Shanahan was living together with her beau. The married couple was already separated, yet they lived under the same roof for some time. Following Brin’s confrontation with the dished pair’s relationship, he filed for divorce in January citing Irreconcilable differences as the issue. The reaction was not taken as soon as he came to know about the scandal, for Brin is said to have applied for his legal move after a couple of weeks from him finding out the truth which was played behind his back. 

Brin and Shanahan tied the knot in 2018 only, however, they are on the verge of getting parted following the extramarital affair Shanahan had. Meanwhile, Musk recently showed up reclining the accusation, calling it a bunch of nonsense in a tweet. For the business magnate, the entire story is completely untrue up to his knowledge. 

Elon Musk in the tweet cleared the air stating that he had seen his long-time friend, Sergey Brin,  the previous night at a party, claiming that the friendship is still intact. He further explained that he had no such romantic relationship with his wife, Shanahan, whom the business tycoon has seen only twice in three years, that too in a public gathering.

His tweet has made the buffs go baffled as they were initially stricken by the news about how the long-time benevolence has apparently come to an end. However, it was also reported that Elon Musk had recently slept at Silicon Valley Home, which is owned by Brin. Turning back to the history of their friendship, Brin had made an investment of $95 million in Tela when it was launched in the year 2003. Apart from that, the co-founders of Google, Larry Page, and Brin had together made another investment of $40 million in 2006 too.

Elon Musk Allegedly Had Affair With Wife Of Google Founder Sergey Brin Ending Their Friendship

Brin, showcasing his loyalty as a real friend, has even extended a helping hand while Musk’s Tesla was drowning in 2008. Ashlee Vance in his biography of Elon Musk has put on a beaming light on the fact that Brin was among the investors who dared enough to invest their money in Tesla Company, despite knowing that it was in a crash. Reportedly, Brin had financed a sum of $500,000 following the plea of The Boring Company’s founder.

The source has also reported that Musk has bowed his head before Brin, in seeking his apology for the inexcusable and deplorable act he did. However, Brin seems to have not accepted his apology and is said to be not on good terms with Musk. The apology was sought at a party the barons attended earlier this year.

The whole story was penned in an article to which Musk responded in a tweet, penning it as a “Tesla hit piece” in a tweet.  

The uproarious part of the allegation is its inharmonious timing as the accusation in the name of the Tesla founder got attention in the middle of the turbulence he was already dragged in. Twitter is reported to have sued Musk for backing from his agreement which stated about his Twitter purchase, which was worth $44 billion. 

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The time was however not in favor of Musk as it was recently publicized about him having twins with his executive, Shivon Zilis. Though the babies were born in November, the news got its deserved hype only recently. To double the obloquy, he was currently dished to have exposed himself to a flight attendant during his flight, to whom the billionaire paid $250,000 dollars to settle the allegations.

Neither Shanahan nor Brin has stepped forward to state their sides so far, as they seem to be unreachable at the moment. 


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