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Tom Bower Reveals Meghan Markle Is ‘Ambitious And Ruthless’


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Tom Bower recently popped over the Internet, claiming that Meghan Markle, the former actress, is ambitious and ruthless. He even pointed out that Megan holds the ability to make people scared. 

Tom, the biographer’s royal book named ‘Revenge’ has been released on July 21st, 2022. He was in a discussion with Good Morning Britain hosts Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins, and the conversation was all about getting true-to-life stories about Meghan Markle for his new book.

Tom Bower Revealing About Meghan Markle In Royal Book

Tom revealed that he had communicated with no less than 80 individuals to come up with his unauthorized biography. He opened up that all the 80 people had shared their private stories with him, and about the juncture, they spent with the Duchess. 

The biographer even spent two days in Mexico. This was for meeting up with Thomas Markle, the father of Megan. He had to stay there to acquire enough details about the relationship between her parents.

He dived in-depth to pile up all the related info surrounding the Duchess. He even showcased her as determined, intelligent, and ruthless. All these accolades of Meghan showcased by Tom Bower were disclosed from his personal views. 

Tom Bower Reveals Meghan Markle Is ‘Ambitious And Ruthless'

Apart from his personal views shared, it’s up to the reader to finalize whether Meghan is good or bad. 

During the discussion with the hosts, Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins, he said that he had talked to many people, and the subject was Meghan. Some offered very limited views about Meghan, and they opened up only limited views. Among them, two told him some horrible stories about Meghan related to oppression and bullying. For Tom, it was an eye opener by all means.

Tom Bower later unlocked the story of Sam Kashner, the Vanity Fair journalist who was once horrified by the unique, strong nature of Meghan. This took place when they had a long two-hour chat together.

This was clearly cited in his book. The biographer pictured it well, and when it was noted by Sam, he initially denied comment. The silence from the journalist’s side shows the power of Meghan. This made the writer deeply impressed with Meghan’s strong personality.

Tom Bower Open Up About The Royal Book

In late May, Tom was with Sam, the journalist, and he read him all the quotations about Sam. Tom Bower even opened up every single chapter of the book in front of Sam.

For everything that was quoted, the journalist kept mum, and he showed his approval by keeping silent. He has not even made a comment, which put the writer into real wonder. But then Tom discovered the real potency of Meghan. 

After this incident, Tom divulged Meghan markle’s true ability. She is a kind of really powerful nature that holds the capability to make others feel nervous and, of course, afraid. The things he penned were true, and they were exactly what he told Tom. It was undoubtedly a dreadful story. Sam was clearly appalled by the nature of the Duchess.

tom bower meghan markle book

When Sam had gone through the book in detail, Tom could see his face turning into something which was not seen earlier. He was seen as very terrified of his own profession. Tom later revealed that he also met and spoke with Thomas Markle, the estranged father of Meghan. Her father said that he opened the book quite incredibly. 

Ben, one of the hosts, put it on air that Meghan was well-known in her own right before tying the knot with Harry. The former actress was renowned in her career, and she had successfully made a high profile in Hollywood. Everyone knows who she really is. But for this point, Ben put it forward, and Tom Bower opposed it. 

Tom claimed that, in late 2017, when Meghan stepped in for a Vanity Fair cover, the magazine had not even heard about the actress before she married Prince Harry.

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The actress once said to her dad that she really longed to be famous and she loved to walk on the red carpet. Her dreams came true when she married Harry, and her luck began to sparkle. She personally believes that Harry is her lucky charm. 

After getting married to Harry, Meghan’s father said that he was very proud of Meghan, and she had blossomed in attaining her ambitions and goals. 

Meghan voiced the day of the wedding, and she was not welcomed, but still remembers she was well welcomed by the people who assembled there to attend the function. She added that it all went wrong. What made it go wrong is profoundly explained in his book. The readers could dive into it and uncover the mysteries once they are into ‘Revenge’.


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