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Disney Postpones Relocation Of Thousands Of Jobs To Florida Until 2026!


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California-based jobs for workers are relocating now and it will take time till 2026 to make the move. It is said by Disney that stems from a desire to provide flexibility for the workers.

Disney Decided To Delay Moving Thousands Of Jobs To Florida Until 2026 Amid Ongoing Feud!

Disney posted on the timeline that they are relocating thousands of jobs from California to Florida amid its fight over Florida‘s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. 

Disney Postpones Relocation Of Thousands Of Jobs To Florida Until 2026

The company is moving around 2,000 workers in its parks, experiences, and products division such as numerous Imagineering workers who are responsible to make the proper design and engineering of the theme parks and rides of the company, has been moved to 2026, Hollywood Reporters confirmed by the company on Wednesday. Earlier, it was reported by the Los Angeles Times that the move was expected to conclude by the end of the year 2022 or early 2023. 

What Did Disney Spokesman Jacquee Wahler Say Regarding The Move?

Disney spokesperson Jacquee Wahler stated that though the number of workers is growing, the roles of the employees will ultimately be based at a campus in the Lake Nona region in Orlando have already made the move. According to him, they also want to continue to provide flexibility to those employees who are being relocated, particularly given the expected completion date of the campus is now 2016.  He further said that they are aligning the relocation period wherever possible with the campus completion. 

Disney Decided To Delay Moving Thousands Of Jobs To Florida Until 2026 Amid Ongoing Feud

Although it takes a few months to arrive at the news, Republican Legislators in Florida passed a bill ending the company’s special purpose District in the middle of 2023, expecting that the month is most probably June. This surely allows Disney to self-govern on land occupied by the Walt Disney World Resort. At the end of April, that special District, the remedy Creek Investment District made an argument that Florida cannot dissolve the district until the bond debt is paid off and that it has expectations to explore its options while continuing its present operations. 

Taxpayers Appealed To The Florida Government:

As per the information, Disney has not filed a lawsuit, but in the first week of May taxpayers who live near Walt Disney World, Resorts appealed to the Florida government for the move. The judge dismissed the taxpayer lawsuit in the middle of May. But the case was refined in the same month in state court. 

The action of Florida lawmakers to end the district for Disney followed as soon as possible after the company took a stand in opposition to a Florida law banning discussion in the room of sexual orientation and gender from kindergarten through the 3rd grade. It has been largely seen as retaliatory.

Disney taking more time to make its decision caused its internal issues, prompting employee organization. Walkout organizers made a demand to Disney leadership for regaining the trust of the LGBTQLA+ community and employees. In the end, they told of any efforts to move employees to the Florida office locations and they want assurance for the safety of employees and employee retention. 

According to The Orlando Sentinel, Disney could receive $570 million in state tax breaks with the construction of the Lake Nona region.


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