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Drake Surprises Fans With New Music Album “Honestly, Nevermind”


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The 47-time Grammy Nominee Drake is back with a brand new project Honestly, Nevermind. While the music fans are already buzzed-about pop queen Beyonce’s new era, Drake’s announcement of his 7th album has left folks shook with excitement. The best part? He dropped Honestly, Nevermind a few hours right after!

Drake’s Surprise Release Of New Album Honestly, Nevermind

Drake had announced the album on Instagram along with the tracklist. Back in March, there were sufficient rumors regarding his new music. However, they were not given any attention by the rapper himself. 

Drake Surprises Fans With New Music Album Honestly, Nevermind

With a total of 14 tracks, the album hit streaming platforms at midnight. On Apple Music, the track was listed along with a message from Drake that ends with ‘dedicated to our friend V’. 

Honestly, Nevermind has only one collaborative track called Jimmy Cook’s with 21 Savage, which is dedicated to the character played by Drake, that is, Jimmy Brooks, on the Canadian Teen series Degrassi. 

While Certified Lover Boy is ready to mark a year, it seems Honestly, Nevermind is likely to become a major hit just like the album cover is pretty sleek and edgy. However, there is not much information as of now from the rapper, steaming up the anticipation. 

It’s been 2 years since he broke the record for bagging the most number of Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 entries and Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hits. 

In an interview with Rap Radar back in 2019, Drake mentioned that he usually likes to take it slow in songwriting while enjoying all the pleasures of life, which has influenced the quality of his music. He also went on to say that it takes him about 3 weeks to craft songs and that there are 2 things he ensures in every album. One, to give people that like his singing enough so that they can hold on to it, and two, to provide LeBron bars. 

Following the release of Honestly, Nevermind, critics have come forward with various statements. According to music journalist Rhian Daly from NME, the 7th project Drake is nothing less than boring and is a bloated disappointment. 

She also talked about how Drake needed to step up his game if he wishes to enter his Golden era and that his spark seems to be dying. 

On the other hand, Drake’s fandom has split up in two. Besides the endless tweets, several fans across the Internet have come up with memes that make fun of Honestly, Nevermind or roast most of the tracks. 

At the end of the day, many love it and many just don’t. And if you are a hardcore Drake fan, of course, you can barely stop streaming the album. Because Honestly Nevermind!

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