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Desus And Mero Split Up!! Showtime Series Ends After 4 Seasons


No more Desus and Mero!

After four successful seasons, the late-night comedy series, Desus, and Mero, which features television personalities is officially at the end of the rope as the show hosts are on the verge of their split. Desus Nice and The Kid Mero, the two hosts of the comedy show, were dished to get parted and a number of posts claiming their split was trending on social media for weeks. Following the tittle-tattle, the show has now come up with a final take on Monday. 

‘Desus & Mero’ Duo Split & End Showtime Series After 4 Seasons

The duo has been working together for a long period now but, the podcast of Bodega Boys in 2015, was a game changer for them. The host pair gained much attention and fame through their 2015 show, however, they remained within the sights of their supporting audience ever since their triumph in the domain. Both Nice and Mero created a sensation through their second show, Desus, and Mero in which the duo chit-chat about important and relevant topics to their celebrity guests. The audience kept buzzing on the witted pair since they owned the most laughable jokes in connection to the pertinent subjects at the time. 

Desus & Mero’ Duo Split & End Showtime Series After 4 Seasons

The era of humor and satire has reportedly ended since the long-time collaboration has been quitted by both parties. No official statements released from Showtime and the Twitter handle of Desus and Mero have dug into the rationale for the split. Moreover, the officials have only stated that the two hosts are going to pursue their careers individually. 

A spokesperson from the team of the late-night show clearly stated that Desus and Mero will end with its fourth season and no fifth season would be aired for the show. 

As soon as the news was released by Showtime, the show’s Twitter page also made an official statement that made the last impression on the Desus and Mero fans.

They gave shout-outs to the team as well as their incredible audience after displaying their gratitude to the staff and whole squad for making the comedy series a huge hit. 

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Fans are shattered ever since the official announcement was declared and they have been pouring out the tweet saying that the duo deserved anything but not the split. Although some fans have wished luck to both hosts in reaching the heights in their separate creative endeavors, some are totally upset with the decision. 

It has been weeks since the fans have been noticing a patch between them both as their words and actions contradict one another. However, the truth about the split has not been disclosed by either Desus or Mero. up to this point, both comedians have sealed their mouths.

It was Derek Jeter, who was the last invited guest to the show and with a total of 180 episodes along the four seasons, the legendary show marked its fortune. 

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