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DC Reportedly Planned Martian Manhunter Before Snyder Cut Justice League


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Martian Manhunter recently appeared in Justice League by Zack Snyder, in which the actor played very briefly and was well noted by his fans. The latest reports show that the very same actor, Harry Lennix, who actually played a character that was not really in the script, DC had some big plans for the character but doesn’t want the character to be used in the movie by any means.

The new reports hit the Internet and are getting serious issues. The points regarding the issue are all about the road to Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The various accounts concerned in the viral online campaign seemed fake. Among such fake accounts, Walter Hamada, the DC Films president, really doesn’t want Martian Manhunter to get involved in the film. For this, Zack Snyder was allegedly suspected to remove other footage, so he had not utilized the character in the movie. 

Ann Sarnoff Not interested In Martian Manhunter In Snyder Cut

Further reports show that Ann Sarnoff was not interested in using Martian Manhunter in the Snyder Cut. But against this, Jason Kilar, WarnerMedia CEO, overruled Ann by offering two scenes in the movie, and he also gave Zack Snyder a huge amount of $13 million, which the actor had asked for to cope with the production costs.

Other reports showcase the fact that altogether the additional funds, finally summed up the cost to $73 million. It’s pointing out the fact that the money was all spent on the director’s cut of a film that made a huge loss of millions. This made people, who are the co-workers in the studio to lose their jobs all of a sudden. 

DC Reportedly Planned Martian Manhunter Before  Snyder Cut Justice League

Unwrapping the case of Martian Manhunter is just one among hundreds in the report. Some of the allegations surrounding Zack Snyder came up as he was alleged to ask his fans to keep a step behind and to end up attacking Godzilla vs. Kong by Adam Wingard. But when the allegations spread like wildfire, Zack refused everything related to the allegations, and he even said that he never requested or forced his fans. He even added, “I am not the type to control my fans and make them act by giving commands”.

The actor opened up his words that the fans do have their own opinions. It’s not at all a right move to be in their private space to guide them or to compel doing any activities. The words clearly highlight his clean personality. The actor added, “no one is someone else boss”.

Out of all, the reports regarding the false bots and accounts within the Snyder Cut social media movement stood on top. Nearly 13 percent of the accounts that stood for the campaign were later spotted to be fake. Upon investigations, it was revealed that the fake accounts involved in the campaign were focusing on spreading harmful and negative tone content about WarnerMedia.

The reports made by both the real and fake authors finally winded up by researching online conversations about the Justice League’s Snyder Cut. Three leaders were identified to be highly potential and have gained huge engagements and massive followers that gave them the ability to influence the public views and opinions.


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